Will I see you in Michigan this Sunday?

ekklesia project

Oh, time is getting away from me! I kept meaning to say, I will be in Williamston, Michigan on Sunday morning, speaking at  St. Mary Catholic Church for their Ekklesia Project series. There will be Mass at 9 AM, then breakfast, then my talk.The topic is "One Weird Trick to Being a Good Catholic Family." How to identify "one weird trick" thinking in your spiritual life, and what to do instead.Hope to see you there! I may or may not be speaking at another event somewhere in the state of … [Read more...]

I’ll be speaking in Manchester, NH in a few weeks

st joseph family center moms night out

... at the Mom's Night Out at Ste. Marie Parish Campus on Carter St., on Friday, September 26, 7:00 – 9:00 pmMore about the event here, and you can register online here. Hope to see you there! … [Read more...]

My upcoming speaking gigs

I keep meaning to add this to my speaker's page. In the mean time, here is where I will be in the next few months: Mary's Shelter Summer Soiree at the Frederickburg Expo Center in VA, August, 23, speaking on what pregnant women in crisis really needSt. Joseph Catholic Family Center, St. Marie Parish in Manchester, NH, September 26, speaking on how I got to know Mary as a real motherSt. Paul Street Evangelization Ekklesia Project at St. Mary Catholic Church in … [Read more...]

Will I see you in Virginia this August?

marys shelter soiree

I hope so! This year's Summer Soiree and fundraiser for Mary's Shelter promises to be a wonderful time. I will be this year's keynote speaker for this organization that really gets what it means to be pro-life. Click here to RSVP. Free to attend!  … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes, in which I have fun doing my penance

simcha speaking

Okay, so I'm slow. I just got around to reading Francis' interview with America magazine, and now I want to do a quick round-up of last week's Catholic Women Rejoice conference in Vancouver, WA.(photo credit Caitlin Elder) --1-- It really was obnoxious, but I asked one of my dear, extremely busy hostesses to find me a priest who could hear my confession.  Because airplanes.So she did, and he found the time, and we found a sacristan who could open the confessional for us, and it … [Read more...]

Come see me in Vancouver, WA!


I'm really excited about the Catholic Women Rejoice Conference coming up in a few weeks!It's Saturday, September 28, and the other speakers are Julie Onderko, founder of Catholic Finish Strong, and Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT, who blogs at NunEssential.I'll be giving a talk called "Beautiful Stranger:  Making Contact with the Mother of God."  It's about how someone like me, who is decidedly not one of those Marian people, learned to stop worrying and just let Mary take care of me and … [Read more...]

I’ll be live on KBVM at 11 a.m. Eastern Time

... speaking with Dina Marie Hale about the upcoming Catholic Women Rejoice conference in Vancouver, Washington.  Dina Marie Hale, Host of KBVM's In Person radio series, welcomes 2013 Catholic Women Rejoice speaker Simcha Fisher this Friday, July 12th @8-9 PST! Be sure to listen locally at 88.3 FM (Portland / Vancouver), 94.9 FM & 100.5 FM in (Eugene Springfield / Cottage Grove) or online at: www.kbvm.fm or via the TuneIn App. I can't promise my trademark Fisher Household Background … [Read more...]