Great stuff from Steve Gershom

Humans don’t make sense without gender.When I tell people I don’t believe that homosexual acts are right, I don’t mean two men shouldn’t have sex; I mean they can’t. See what he means. … [Read more...]

My Brother, Steve Gershom.


No, really, he's my actual brother, Joey.  Joseph Prever, to you.  He's been writing as Steve Gershom ("Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks") for a couple of years now, but today , with the help of Daffy Duck and Strong Bad, he's shedding the semi-anonymity -- and hoping it won't hurt his chances with the ladies.Go say hello!  Good job, Joey.  We love you.  … [Read more...]

Ex-Gay? Is That Even a Thing? An Interview with Steve Gershom (part two)

[This is the second part of my interview with Steve Gershom. I posted the first half yesterday. Gershom has also written a four-part series about orientation change on his own blog,]Have you had any bad experiences with Christian organizations who try to bully or shame you into becoming heterosexual?I know those things exist, but I've never seen them. Any organization I've come up against, there's always been some good and some bad.You spoke about "strands of … [Read more...]

Ex-Gay? Is That Even a Thing? An Interview with Steve Gershom (part one)

On June 19, the ex-gay ministry Exodus International issued an apology for the harm it has done to LGBT people. The organization is now shutting down.Many secular organizations who embrace homosexuality as healthy are overjoyed to see Exodus go; but many Christian organizations -- even those who see homosexual attraction as disordered -- are also glad. Aaron Taylor of First Things, for instance, says that Exodus' views and methods show that their idea of heterosexuality is just as disordered as … [Read more...]