No earthquake here. At the Synod, the Church teaches us how to dress for the feast.

pastoral earthquake

Yesterday's second reading at Mass had two major ideas:(1) God wants everyone. (2) Not everyone wants God.In this parable, the king has invited all the expected, honored guests to his son's wedding, but they not only refused his invitation, but abused and killed the messengers who invited them.This  is old news -- as old as Adam and Eve, as old as the War in Heaven -- and would not even be a story at all if the king didn't then decide to do something scandalous and unexpected:  h … [Read more...]

At Synod, Sex-Obsessed Catholic Church Finally Talks About Sex, Finally

o hai

It is stunning that the Bishops are talking about sex! As long as you are the kind of person who wakes up stunned to see the sun rise, stunned to find that you have feet at the end of your legs, stunned to discover that the floor under those feet is still made out of wood, just like it has been for decades and decades. Read the rest at the Register. PIC John Paul II waving … [Read more...]

Don’t be a sex sponge.

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Most women bloggers have a loyal reader and commenter who can be described as "Issues Guy."  Like a dog has fleas, he's got issues with women -- and man, do they bite.My Issues Guy put himself right in the middle of this post on idolatry, in a tangential combox conversation which turned out to be far more interesting than the post itself  (even though the post itself had "foreskin" in the title!). Issues Guy described his perfect potential wife and marriage thus: The Plan Find a woman w … [Read more...]