At the Register: The Rotten Teenager’s Guide to Staying Unemployed

Not that I would know anything about this, not having, nor ever having been, a rotten teenager. No sirree. … [Read more...]

At the Register: Why I Love Having Teenagers

Aw, I just scratched the surface.  Maybe I will write a follow-up.  I really do love having teens. … [Read more...]

Seven Really Good Books for Young Adults

Sorry this is so long.  I didn't have time to write anything shorter.Seven Quick Takes:  Seven Really Good Books for Young AdultsWhen I was in high school, everything we read had to be about either the Holocaust, or suicide, or both.  An exception could be made for books about racism, provided several lynchings were described in technicolor.  Then, after we finished our assigned reading for the year, the school board would hold a workshop on what to do about rampant and debilitating dep … [Read more...]