At the Register: Happy Thankcircumcisionsgiving!

In the words of our nation's foremost prominent Catholic bloggess, here ya go. … [Read more...]

Our Black Friday tradition

shopping mob

Hey, I don't think it's immoral to shop on the day after Thanksgiving, or even on Thanksgiving itself.  It's depressing that so many people do it, but Thanksgiving is a secular holiday, so.  (Yes, I know that the first Thanksgiving feasts in the New World were to thank God. I just mean that it's not a feast day or a holy day.)  Buying a nice present for someone you care about doesn't mean you're some kind of hardened consumerist swine.  Some people don't have lovely family or happy associations w … [Read more...]

My favorite Thanksgiving story of all time

fake butter

and I got to tell it in Catholic Digest.  Check it out!  … [Read more...]