My interview on Omaha’s Spirit Radio

I had the nicest conversation about my book with Kris McGregor of "Discerning Hearts Presents" yesterday morning. It will be broadcast later this week, and also Saturday morning at 11 am Central. It just went into the online archive, and you can listen here. … [Read more...]

I will be on Busted Halo’s Sirius XM radio show Friday at 3 Eastern

The Busted Halo Show on the Catholic Channel (channel 129) with Fr. Dave Dwyer. Hope you can catch it!   … [Read more...]

And that’s exactly why I wrote my book.


Okay, so I've been trying not to grouse publicly about it every time someone says boo to me. This is not that! I came across a review that thought the first two third of my book ("NFP and your spiritual life" and "NFP and the rest of the world") were good, but he really didn't like the third part ("NFP in the trenches").  He's an NFP teacher, and thinks that maybe we need to talk about intimate things, but only in an intimate setting:  literally, person to person. His review got a … [Read more...]

$2.99 sale on my Kindle book!


Today only!  The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning -- Kindle edition only -- usually $4.99, today only $2.99 (which is the cheapest Amazon will let me set the price at). … [Read more...]

Two great questions from men about NFP


I had a great interview with the witty and insightful Scott Eric Alt of Logos & Muse yesterday, and he incorporated parts of our conversation into his review, Seven Reasons to Read Simcha Fisher’s Book on NFP.  This question came up: Why should we trust this mother of nine to make the case for NFP? That’s a fecun­dity beyond all rea­son! Either she’s not using NFP at all (oh the deceit!) or it does not really work. Nancy Pelosi infa­mously said that you call NFP-users … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Reasons the author of SGNFP is one classy dame

eve sideboobless

--1-- When I first submitted the ebook manuscript to Amazon, I got this message: The book “The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning” you recently submitted to KDP has possible spelling errors in your converted file. Consider correcting these and resubmitting. Here are the errors we recommend you address by correcting your manuscript: judgey providentialism caritas intercoursal coitalicious  That advice, I did not take.   --2-- If you order it new, full price, … [Read more...]



Because all of a sudden, it's in stock!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning straight from the publisher, Our Sunday Visitor or from Amazon.  I just happened to go the page and realized it was in stock! It says there are only 19 copies left! If you were darling enough to pre-order my book a month ago, it should be winging its way to you very soon! Good heavens! … [Read more...]

Because nobody wants a nicely-wrapped box full of pre-order

gift certificate crop (2)

Planning to buy my book as a Christmas present, but disappointed the print version is only available for pre-order?  Have I got the solution for you! Click here: giftcertificatehighres*to download a pdf of the above certificate, which you can then print out, put in an envelope, put in the bottom of an enormous box, wrap it, give it to someone you love on Christmas morning, and then point and laugh at their crestfallen faces when they realize it's just a piece of paper!  Then tell them it's … [Read more...]

I will be on In the Arena at 12:30 Eastern

Chatting about how to prevent tomato-based sauces from staining your more porous stonewear casserole dishes.   Just kidding, it's about my book, my book, my book.  You can catch my segment streaming live at, on NET tv (TimeWarner Ch. 97 & Cablevision Ch. 30), and streaming live tv online Later, the segment will air on In the Arena on WOR, on Verizon FiOS OnDemand (via the NET Catholic Channel), and on NET tv's YouTube Channel … [Read more...]

SGNFP audiobook now available for purchase

sgnfp audiobook

It's been released from the nebulous realm of "pre-order," and now you can just plain order it: from, the full text of the Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning, read by me.  The perfect gift for a really weird commute! … [Read more...]