First Things likes The Sinner’s Guide to NFP!

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Reviewer Christine Emba says in First Things: What especially recommends The Sinner’s Guide to a broader ­audience is Fisher’s ability to use NFP as a starting point to engage with the larger and more universal questions facing anyone attempting to live out a Christian life day to day. What is prudence? How does one persevere in adversity? What does charity actually look like in relationships, and in daily life? As Fisher asks, “Does God just hate women, or what?” The question “Is it the right t … [Read more...]

Holiness is a numbers game, you filthy relativist!

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You never know what the morning will bring. I just got into a weird little skirmish with a fellow who believes that there is only one kind of generosity, and that is having as many babies as possible. (He can correct me if I'm misrepresenting his point of view.)It began when someone wrote a nice review of The Sinner's Guide to NFP, and this fellow -- not having read the book, of course -- said:  Yeah, I played the grandmultipara pregnancy card. So sue me.It … [Read more...]

I’ll be on Al Kresta today at 5 Eastern

I know, I already said it, but I wasn't sure of the time. Now I am!  I really enjoyed this interview. Al Kresta is a funny guy, and very smart.  You can listen live here. … [Read more...]



Because all of a sudden, it's in stock!!!!!!!!!!!!Buy The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning straight from the publisher, Our Sunday Visitoror from Amazon.  I just happened to go the page and realized it was in stock! It says there are only 19 copies left!If you were darling enough to pre-order my book a month ago, it should be winging its way to you very soon!Good heavens! … [Read more...]

My interview with JoAnna Wahlund at Catholic Stand


JoAnna Wahlund asked some killer questions.  Here's how the interview ends: Are you and your family being pursued by albino monk assassins dispatched by the “NFP-Is-A-Heresy” Cabal?Yeah, but I reminded them that self flagellation and the wearing of the cilice barely registers as suffering when you compare it with trying to figure out a postpartum chart. Ba bing! So much fun.  Click here to read the rest.  … [Read more...]

My audiobook is now available for pre-order!


 The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning read aloud by yours truly, from  It will be released on Dec.1 but you can pre-order it right now.  It was tons of fun to record, and yes, every single time I got to one of the more . . . intimate parts, I flubbed it, and had to say it again. And again. And again.  I'm not sure why the recording guy built his own studio and got into this line of work, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't to sit there listening to a dumpy, red-faced mot … [Read more...]

My interview with Ignitum Today


Great interview with Bonnie Engstrom of Ignitum Today is up today.  An excerpt: You talk a lot about how you and Damien have grown and overcome a lot of the struggles you had early on in your marriage. Was here a specific turning point for you? A moment where you said, “Aha! So this is what God wants me to do/say/understand!” If so, when was that moment, and what precipitated it?No one specific moment, no.  There were several “believe so that you may understand” moments, though — when we jus … [Read more...]