7 video games, reviewed by my kids

okami 2

Hey, who wants to talk about SOMETHING ELSE?How about vidya games? My kids play games on the Wii, PS2, and occasionally the iPad and PC. We have tons of the Lego Wii games, and they were all the rage at our house for a few years. These are cute, clever, and not too noisy or violent (people just turn back into separate pieces when they get killed). Have't found a bad one yet.Here are some of my kids' other current favorite games. I asked them to give a quick description, plus their f … [Read more...]

The Rubberbandians

photo (56)

Or, Why You Should Have a Bunch of Weird Kids and a Giant Dog.I had to run to the pharmacy, and when I got  home, this is what met me in the driveway.  The little one shouted, "WE ARE RUBBERBANDIANS, AND HAVE SPEARS!"Note that they all have rubber bands on their foreheads (or, as the three-year-old calls them, "our brains."   Also note the progress of the dog. We sometimes sing the Little Mermaid song in Boomer's voice, and it g … [Read more...]

Yes, I want to see your scary toe.

photo (51)

My son goes, "Want to see my scary toe?"Oh man, what now? I think. One kid has weird shovel toenails, one has warts, one got stung on the foot by a bee, and one has some kind of horrible scar (and I'm such a good mother, I can't even remember why). Of course I want to see your scary toe!Behold, the scariest toe you will see all day:   … [Read more...]

This and that, baby pics, and a baptism!

corrie baptism 3

Today, I hope to get caught up on emails. I'm sorry to say I pretty much gave up responding to anyone sometime in the third trimester, and Corrie is now 9 weeks old, so that's . . . a lot of emails.  So if you wrote to me, thanks for being patient!We're right in the middle of "something every weekend" season -- confirmation, baptism, birthday parties galore, graduations, concerts, and a bunch of things I'm forgetting.Thank goodness we have no athletic ability in this family. … [Read more...]

We would have been a loving family . . .

nh  mag kids on slide

. . . if there had been somebody there to take pictures of us every minute of our lives.No, but seriously. Several months ago, before the baby was born, we had a photographer at our house for three days, documenting What It's Like to Live In a Family of Twelve.  The photo essay came out last week in New Hampshire Magazine, and we are delighted (EXCEPT DAMMMIT I TOLD THOSE BOYS TO PUT SHEETS ON THEIR BEDS).Here is just one photo, one of my favorites out of the nearly thirty that made it i … [Read more...]

Let’s play “What Didn’t I Notice Sticking to My Ass Today?”

photo (48)

In yesterday's thrilling installment, a desperate woman stopped on the way home from school, left the kids in the car, and dashed into Walmart to buy a pair of jeans without even trying them on, because they couldn't possibly fit worse than what she had on already.She drove home, dropped off the kids, threw on the jeans, ripped off the tags, and went back out to pick up the other kids from catechism, pausing only to wonder why that one dad in the church basement suddenly seemed kind of … [Read more...]

I refuse to worry about what my kids eat for dinner.

boy eating beet for some reason

Today, I'm making Zuppa Toscana. When I share recipes I'm trying, people often ask, "Will your kids really eat that?" The answer is: some of them, yeah. Some of them, no way. A few of them, maybe. And I am fine with that. I have two goals when I serve a meal: at least half the family should eat it, and mealtimes should be reasonably pleasant.My policy is: I decide what to cook, and they decide whether or not to eat it.We don't have food battles (or food cold wars). We don't save plates … [Read more...]