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 American Idol Top 13 Party

Last night Simon said that if Adam Lambert didn’t make it to the finals it would be the biggest upset in Idol history.

That would be wrong, Simon. The biggest upset, in my opinion, was when Chris Daughtry was eliminated in Season 5, 2006. As I have said before, rock (post-grunge?) is not my preferred genre, but Daughtry was and is amazing. And look where he has gone; according to Wikipedia (that bastion of accurate information), his self-titled album was “the fastest selling debut rock album in history.”

I was disappointed when Allison Iraleta was eliminated last week, especially since neither Kris nor Danny can hold a candle next to the light of her talent. But that’s ok. Look at Daughtry.

Adam was awesome last night. And Kris and Danny did well. But they are ordinary. Adam is an original and man, he can sing. He is not pitchy. He can move. He is an artist and an entertainer. He has the power to move me.

I was impressed that Simon chose One by U2; it was a perfect song for Adam and as he said, the lyrics are very meaningful. Lyrics

These good and talented young people will all have careers from American Idol. I don’t envy any of them the intense work and loss of privacy that will become their new status. I pray that the music industry does not chew them up and spit them out. I pray that they stay rooted, close to their families, and always choose the good. Make art. Give us goose bumps because the way you sing is a language that wraps around our souls.  Inspire us in ways that transcend time and space. Sing in ways that transform us – and you will contribute to peace on earth.

David Cook (2008’s winner) is still my all-time favorite.

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