Twitter Tongue-Twister


A Twitter who twitted a tweet
Tried to teach two Twitters to tweet
Said the Twits to the Twitter
Is it harder to twitter than
To teach two Twitters to tweet?

c. Sr Rose Pacatte 2009

This tongue-twister was inspired by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter who spoke today at the Catholic Media Convention in Anaheim, CA. Jack spoke about how Twitter began, got its name (they started with “twitch” that got me going…), how it works as a way to keep people connected and updated. He said a lot more, but I think the information is out there.

What is most interesting to me is the 140 character limit – how much you can communicate in so few words, how fast it is. Twitter, the ultimate sound bite!

  • Whistler Kenworthy

    Sister Rose, I enjoyed your tweet tongue twister (even that is kind of hard to say). I did something similar, but instead of staying at true tweet length, I tried to emulate (however vaguely) some of Lewis Carroll’s longer narrative nonsensical poems, while still striving to make every stanza a tongue twister. If you’d care to read it, you may do so at


    • sisterrose

      Very good! I have developed a bit of a stutter :-)

      • Whistler Kenworthy

        Thanks for taking a look, Sister Rose! Glad you found it stutterly— I mean utterly— enjoyable…. ;^)