Facebook at 10: a Christ-haunted political forum, family reunion, prayer group

Photo: AP

Last week marked the 10th anniversary of Facebook, the social networking site founded more or less (see the 2010 film “The Social Network”) by Mark Zuckerberg in his dorm room at Harvard University. OK, Wikipedia says he co-founded Facebook with four other guys, but we really don’t remember them, do we? And there were three others who claimed Zuckerberg stole their idea, a legal battle that was settled out of court. In an interview Feb. 4 with Zuckerberg on the “Today” show, there was no mention of anyone but him.

Be that as it may, Facebook has changed the world. Click here to see what some are calling the “staggering” statistics about the social media site. They are impressive indeed. Remember when Marshall McLuhan wrote that the media are “the extensions of man” in his 1964 book Understanding Media? How prophetic. It’s not only the hard technology at our fingertips; it’s the software that has opened up dimensions of being that are the norm for children starting school in the last few years. And Facebook is not only about the extensions of “man” but of women, too. Lots of women.

I first got wired in 1995. In 2004, I launched my first blog that became “Sister Rose at the Movies” when the website for all things religion, Patheos, invited me to migrate there in 2012.

Then I joined Facebook in 2007, and on Feb. 4, I got a video from Mark and the Facebook team. Actually, it’s quite nice: Facebook.com/LookBack.

I love Facebook, and I check it first thing every morning and during the day.

I love it because we have a lot of fun on it as a family …. CLICK HERE to continue reading at National Catholic Reporter

(This is the front and back of a card, business card size, that we give to students to encourage critical thinking about media consumption and production, that includes whatever they post on social media sites).


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