The Cinema of Adoption

 To go along with National Adoption Month in the US, here is a link to my column On Faith and Media in St. Anthony Messenger magazine.Some of the movies I talk about are Secrets and Lies, Juno, Heaven on Earth, Daughter of Danang, Superman, etc.    … [Read more...]

Religious Education Congress 2011: A vibrant human mosaic

The labyrinth ANAHEIM, CALIF. -- Ask anyone who participated in the Religious Education Congress March 17-20 how they would describe the event in terms of art, and they will tell you: It’s the people. Ask author/speaker Jesuit Fr. James Martin and he will tell you that the congress -- not Disneyland across the street -- is the happiest place on earth.Charity Sr. Edith Prendergast, who heads the Los Angeles archdiocese’s Office for Religious Education, told me that she loves the con … [Read more...]

The Labyrinth: Freedom & Forgiveness Retreat October 30 in SoCAL

For more information about the film The Labyrinth and an interview with producer Jason Smith The Labyrinth Interview Ron Schmidt, SJ … [Read more...]

Singers, Architects, Painters to Gather in Sistine Chapel with Pope

On the 10th Anniversary of Pope John Paul II's Letter to Artists, Pope Benedict is meeting with artists: Singers, Architects, Painters to Gather in Sistine Chapel Pianist Pope to Meet With Artists I look forward to reading what transpires!   … [Read more...]

United Breaks Guitars or How to find justice through non-violence and art

This YouTube video is the hottest since Susan Boyle. I used it in my media literacy education class to show how people can achieve justice through non-violence and art.Dave Carroll, whose guitar United broke, made this statement after United Air Lines reached out to him to rectify the situation (after 2 days and over 150,000 hits on YouTube, now over 3 million in about 3 weeks). … [Read more...]

St. Paul: Oldest image discovered

"It is the oldest icon" says L'Osservatore Romano(However, it seems no one has yet been able to take a photo of it. As soon as one makes it to the Internet, I will post it.) … [Read more...]

Chapel of Violence against Women in Our Lady of Angels Cathedral March 2009

The Cathedral here in LA had a side chapel (temporary) called THE CHAPEL OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN set up in March (as well as several other chapels, all with the amazing art of J. Michael Walker.)  There was a poster on the wall that impressed me and it quoted something called “Corrido de Santa Susana”: “The years pass, yet there are men  who do not understand that women also have the right to live as they choose, and to think and believe as they see fit.”  If anyone happens to know what t … [Read more...]

The Soloist – the Movie

What an outstanding film. As you can see, this poster was issued for the planned release for last year, but the film just opened in the USA on Friday. Great poster, though.This is a movie about humanity, heart, friendship, art, grace, goodness, against the backdrop of acute homelessness in a city and country where you would think we would care more for one another.Robert Downey, jr. plays Steve Lopez, a columnist for the LA Times, who encounters Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless man playing a two … [Read more...]

SIGNIS To Hold First Film Jury at a US Festival – Filmfest DC

SIGNIS To Hold First Film Jury at a US Festival - Filmfest DC Washington DC, April 15, 2009 (SIGNIS) - SIGNIS is holding its first international film Jury at an American film festival, Filmfest DC, in Washington, DC. The Jury will begin with the festival opening on April 16, 2009, culminating in the awarding of the SIGNIS Prize on April 26. The award will honour the film that the SIGNIS Jury selects as best celebrating human values in a diverse and challenging world. The SIGNIS award comes to … [Read more...]

Easter (and Pauline themes) in Memorable DVD’s

Celebration magazine recently published my article "St. Paul Goes to the Movies at Easter". Here is an abridged version now available online:Easter in Memorable DVD's Celebration magazine is the liturgical resource of the National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company. … [Read more...]