Grace & Grotesque: Flannery O’Connor on the page and screen

 AMERICA magazine ran an excellent article on the American Catholic novelist Flannery O'Connor in their June 22, 2009 issue. Here is a link to it: Grace and Grotesque: Flannery O'Connor on the page and screen by Jon M. Sweeney.Sweeney quotes a Nigerian priest who is a writer as well: "“I’m fascinated” he said, “by her incredible understanding of the dynamics of sin and grace in the modern world. I find her work very sacramental and powerful. I’m happy, too, that she was a person of faith wh … [Read more...]

War on Error: Real Stories of American Muslims by Melody Moezzi

When I was at the University of Dayton (working at the Institute for Pastoral initiatives for the online media literacy course a couple of weeks ago I visited the university book store. While it is a typical college bookstore (though one of the better ones, I think) I found a section of books by local authors. Melody Moezzi's book looked - and is - very appealing.For a contemporary American writer, Moezzi excells in combining humor, self-reflection, and an open, … [Read more...]

Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The

 I picked up this book so often but the letter format put me off. I finally bought it at Costco (big discount). It sat around for awhile. Then when I picked it up I could hardly put it down.The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows (2008, Dial Press/Random House) tells the story of a young writer in post-World War II England who uncovers a story of love and sacrifice between a British woman and a German soldier (a doctor) on the Channel Island of … [Read more...]

Peace making | National Catholic Reporter (& Three Cups of Tea)

Here's my review of Three Cups of Tea and a reflection on peace making:Peace making | National Catholic ReporterShared via AddThis … [Read more...]

Chapel of Violence against Women in Our Lady of Angels Cathedral March 2009

The Cathedral here in LA had a side chapel (temporary) called THE CHAPEL OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN set up in March (as well as several other chapels, all with the amazing art of J. Michael Walker.)  There was a poster on the wall that impressed me and it quoted something called “Corrido de Santa Susana”: “The years pass, yet there are men  who do not understand that women also have the right to live as they choose, and to think and believe as they see fit.”  If anyone happens to know what t … [Read more...]

Our Media World: Teaching Kids K-8 about Faith and Media – it’s finished! Due out Jan 2010

Co-authors Gretchen Hailer, RSHM & Rose Pacatte, FSP of Our Media World: Teaching Kids K-8 about Faith & MediaThe book is due out in January 2010 from Pauline Books & Media, Boston (Pauline Books & Media Publishing House, Boston) . As soon as we get cover art we will post it!Our Media World is a "stand alone" that will create, with our book Media Mindfulness: Educating Teens about Faith & Media (2007, St. Mary's Press) a consistent media literacy education strategy for K … [Read more...]

Pauline Books & Media wins two Catholic Press Association Awards May 29, 2009

CHILDREN'S BOOKSFIRST PLACEAdventures of Saint PaulBy Oldrich Selucky Illustrated by Zdenka KrejcovaThis is a vibrant and compelling account of the life of St. Paul for young readers that is rich and inviting in its telling. the trials of st. Paul are cleverly called an adventure and further enhanced by the quality of human expression in the illustrations. the emphasis on faith in the Lord regardless of ones circumstances is both suspenseful and consistent. It it St. Paul's consistency … [Read more...]

Readers Theater: Spotlight on Saints

This recent publication from the Daughters of St. Paul, Pauline Books and Media, is a real treat for kids from about grade 3 through grade 5 or 6 - and their teachers. It is "easy" theater, that is, all it requires is the ability to read. The book blends various character traits with decision-making and refers to a life of a saint to shed light on appropriate behavior choices today. If the class moves from "readers theater" to "real theater" or live theater, there are suggestions for movement … [Read more...]

Flannery: A Life of Flannery O’Connor

Flannery: A Life of Flannery O'Connor by Brad Gooch Flannery O'Connor (1925-1964) is not only one of my favorite authors, she is one of my favorite people. I was 12 years old when she died. She's like that friend you always wish you had as a kid. What I want to know is: why did it take me so long to meet you? If it hadn't been for a friend quoting one of Flannery's zingers a couple of years ago about art I would not have gone beyond the one short story I had read in school. Obviously, I wasn't … [Read more...]

1/6 Billionth a Day

I was at Barnes & Noble on Pico yesterday, browsing with a generous Christmas gift card in my pocket. I came across a small book:Change has come: An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit, Drawings by Kadir Nelson with the Words of Barack Obama (Simon & Schuster, 2009).As I leafed through its few illustrated pages I got an idea. I would buy a copy and then from that moment through Inaguration Day, I would ask everyone I met to sign their name, the city, and date as a way to … [Read more...]