“Millions” a film for the 17th Sunday of the Year (July 26)

"Dead Simple" A Reflection for the Parish Bulletin by Barbara Murphy, Adult Faith Formation, St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Westwood (Los Angeles), CA 17th sunday of the Year      John 6: 1-15 There’s a movie by Danny Boyle (“Slum Dog Millionaire” director) called “Millions”. It’s the story of a boy, Damien, who has visions of saints that assist him on his journey to be good. A bag of money falls from the sky one day and he sets out to help the poor. His older brother, Anthony, has other ideas. … [Read more...]

Consumed: Remixed Messages or What postmodernism looks like

An article in todays New York Times Magazine by Rob Walker " Consumed - Remixed Messages " is, to me, a perfect example of how the process of postmodernization functions.My take on this article is to ask: "Why do we moderns seem so random and un-tethered at times?"   Because we don't know, remember, or think to ask: where did this slogan, image, and perspective come from?The definition of postmodernism postmodernism is as contested as the field it seeks to define. The Merriam-Webster diction … [Read more...]

In Memory of Karl Malden 1912 – 2009 R.I.P.

Th great Oscar-winning actor Karl Maden died today. He is remembered for being a fine character actor.  Charles Gibson, the ABC news anchor, just quoted Malden as saying he was the only actor in Hollywood whose nose qualified him for handicapped parking.According the the IMDB, his last role was as a Catholic priest, Fr. Thomas Cavanaugh, former pastor to President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) in The West Wing episode #14, "Take this Sabbath Day" in 2000. He was called in by Bartlett for counsel a … [Read more...]

The Irony of Grace: When Hollywood Mourns | National Catholic Reporter

  The Irony of Grace: When Hollywood Mourns | National Catholic ReporterShared via AddThis … [Read more...]