Open Culture – free classic movies (and more) online

Very impressive online access to some fantastic movies.... … [Read more...]

Bl. James Alberione, founder of the Daughters of St. Paul, on cinema

“We need to put down the scissors of censorship and pick up the camera” because “the power of the cinema surpasses that of the school, the pulpit, and the press and always produces greater results."These are the words of Blessed James Alberione, who initiated his apostolate of the cinema and film activity on March 18, 1938. … [Read more...]

CineRose Awards 2009 films

Here is the link to my CineRose Awards 2009.My deadline for my St. Anthony Messenger column is early so I did not have a chance to see every film, such as AVATAR, in time for the issue. … [Read more...]

The anti-popcorn agenda

Between NBC's Today Show and the Los Angeles Times on November 19,  it seemed like a concerted effort to scare us away from concessional popcorn.Here's a link to my blog posting at NCReporter: the Anti-popcorn agenda.Enjoy!I  … [Read more...]

Screen Memories by A. O. Scott (or ten most influential films of the last decade)

llustrations by Cristiana Couceiro; clockwise from top left: “The Best of Youth,” Miramax Films/Photofest. “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” Universal Pictures/Photofest. “Million Dollar Baby,” Warner Brothers/Photofest. “Wall-E,” Disney/Photofest (2). Take a look at this interesting article by New York Times film critic A.O. Scott. I found his Top Ten most influential films of interest as well, though he left out The Matrix which to me remains the most defining film of the last decade. Still, t … [Read more...]

Celebrate the fall of the wall through movies

With all the coverage of the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I tried to think of a way to commemorate this historic, history-changing event that happened 20 years ago. A generation ago. Anyone 30 years old and younger probably has no emotional link with images of a bunch of young people dancing while they tore down a far away wall covered in graffiti.Continue reading my blog post Celebrate the fall of the wall … [Read more...]

Rare Austen letters cause excitement

There are times when I wish I could be in New York - like to see this exhibition of Jane Austin's letters and the handwritten manuscript Lady Susan. Article by Claire Prentice BBC News, New YorkA major Jane Austen exhibition, which has opened in New York, is creating a huge stir among fans and cultural commentators.Rare Austin Letters on Display in New York … [Read more...]

Best Movie Subway Map

You have to take a look at the London subway movie map! If you go to the website you can enlarge it to see the films that are listed.Best Movie Subway Map … [Read more...]

Shakespeare the Bard of Rome? or Shakespeare and the Catholic question

There was a fascinating article in AMERICA a couple of weeks ago: The Bard of Rome: Shakespeare and the Catholic Question by Kathleen Doherty Fenty of Boston College. Fenty gives a historical account of the debate about Shakespeare's religious affiliation and brings it up to date. But what I like about her piece (and would love to read more about this topic) is what she says about drama vis-a-vis sermons: "The theater seeks to entertain, preparing the heart and mind for reflection, while the … [Read more...]

Worst of the Worst of the Decade says Rotten Tomatoes

 Worst of the Worst says Rotten Tomatoes Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever took top dishonors on Rotten Tomatoes list.See if you agree witht Rotten Tomatoe's take on the worst 100 films. Of these I have seen about 12; and not all were as bad as all that , e.g. All about Steve (2009). OK, it was pretty bad but it had its moments. It could have been, and for the talent, time, and money, should have been, a much better movie.The reason I don't make up worst film lists is because sometimes someone wil … [Read more...]