Facebook at 10: a Christ-haunted political forum, family reunion, prayer group

Last week marked the 10th anniversary of Facebook, the social networking site founded more or less (see the 2010 film "The Social Network") by Mark Zuckerberg in his dorm room at Harvard University. OK, Wikipedia says he co-founded Facebook with four other guys, but we really don't remember them, do we? And there were three others who claimed Zuckerberg stole their idea, a legal battle that was settled out of court. In an interview Feb. 4 with Zuckerberg on the "Today" show, there was no mention … [Read more...]

Sr. Rose on the IN Network: the new pope ….

 The "IN Network" is• An online gateway for dynamic content viewed through an Ignatian lens… • This website, a mobile app, our Facebook page and Twitter account • Webisodes, blogs, and articles • Timely stories around current social issues, original scripted content, and feature presentations • Created for the thinking, curious, action-oriented individual • Tapping into the global reach of the Jesuit network • Developing partnerships with a community of INN Agents (this cou … [Read more...]

100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media in Classroom

100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media in ClassroomCannot recall if I posted this before, so just in case! … [Read more...]

WolframAlpha: computational knowledge engine launched

A friend sent me this information the other day. It was news to me and I wonder what the implications may be for the spiritual life....  I checked the site's blog and someone had put the word "dumb" in the search engine. It is olde English and its first recorded use was in 1323 (686 years ago). I looked up the word "nun" and it is Olde English and Classical Latin and was first used in 1275, i.e., 734 years ago. It predates "dumb"; this is a good thing! A treat for trivia aficionados ... but I … [Read more...]