Elizabeth “Liz” Thoman, Media Literacy Pioneer, Memorial Planned

Sister Elizabeth "Liz" Thoman, CHM died on December 22, 2019. She was a media literacy education pioneer, advocate, and educator.Here is a link to her obituary: Sr. Elizabeth Thoman, Media Literacy Leader DiesHere is a link to my essay about her, written in gratitude for her life, work, and influence on my life:Sister Elizabeth Thoman Altered the Course of My LifeTo RSVP for the Memorial Service, click here (or copy and paste): cml@medialit.orgIf you come, bring a memory to … [Read more...]

Media Literacy Certificate Course July 7 -13, 2013 Register now!

 Some of the 2012 students on the tour of Sony Studios Announcing our "Advanced Certificate in Media Literacy Course"Sunday, July 7 - Saturday July 13, 2013 Click here for details & registration form For more information contact Sr. Jennifer at PCMS@PaulineMedia.com Registration deadline: June 25, 2013 … [Read more...]

Ear Worms: the sound track in my head

Do tunes every get stuck in your ears? I call sticky tunes ear worms. Here are the worms traveling through air, time, and the culture right now that are pleasing to my ear. What are your ear worms? Hum (A Prius for Everyone)(Do you know who sings this?)Well, it's a nice idea. I'd like to think everyone could afford a Prius. But they are giving away this tune for free and it's stuck in my head via a Prius worm FireworkKaty PerryWhat a great song from the pop p … [Read more...]

Hallmark hits a home run with ‘A Smile as Big as the Moon’

My review in the National Catholic Reporter: Hallmark hits a home run with 'A Smile as Big as the Moon'. … [Read more...]

New movie review site at RCL Benziger for Catechesis & Religious Education

 Click here to access site http://sisterrosemovies.com … [Read more...]

Hope&Joy Communication and Culture program begins!

Hi everyone!I am so happy to be here in South Africa again, to be part of a two-year program to prepare for the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Second Vatican Council. I will only be here for a month, however!Please visit my blog at the National Catholic Reporter for updates.  … [Read more...]

Sister Rose YouTube Channel

A few weeks ago I began reviewing current films for American Catholic.orgIt is the online, continually updated version of St. Anthony Messenger.I am also doing a weekly "Faith & Media: segment for American Catholic Radio on the Franciscan Media siteStop by and visit!!Here's my review of the new Harry Potter film.To subscribe to these weekly updates, visit http://www.Youtube.com/sisterroseACO  … [Read more...]

Corpus Christi email rumor is false – but a documentary about the play was released April 2012

Update May 2012 I have not seen this documentary that is "about" the play "Corpus Christi" - it is not a film version of the play though from the trailer it seems scenes from the play may be included. The film premiered in San Francisco in April, according to the website. I do not know if the film will have a theatrical release but I have a call in with the publicist. Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption trailer  According to the film's website Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption is … [Read more...]

African Cats

My review is posted at American Catholic, the web community for St. Anthony Messenger magazine:Africa Cats: the cycle of life continues … [Read more...]

How to communicate: babies teach the way

My sister posted these on Facebook and I could not resist sharing them with you! Look at the body language, facial expression, voice tone, laughter. What are they talking about? … [Read more...]