Sister Rose’s blog reaches 500,000 hits today

Since I moved my blog to Wordpress on October 5, 2008 I never dreamed of 500.000 hits or page views. In this day of YouTube videos getting a million hits in a day or an hour, this half million in three years eight months, an average of 300 hits a day with 2,900 in one day in 2010, does not seem like much in the virtual scheme of things. Yet it provides me with a motive of thanksgiving for the Internet and the gift of communication between God's people the world over and who knows? Maybe the … [Read more...]

Meet the Sisters – a music video about the Daughters of St. Paul

Sr Tracy Dugas, FSP, and friends made this for our annual dinner-dance fundraiser held last Saturday night at St. Augustine's in Culver City. Enjoy! (Have we got talent, or what?)Here are the lyrics:Original Song written by Patrick Dwyer and Sr. Tracey Dugas Sung by Patrick Dwyer Background Vocals by Sr. Tracey DugasThe Pauline Family SongNow Sister Rose she always knows about the latest movies YO and writes reviews excessively about faith hope and charityJeopardy just seems to be … [Read more...]

All My Favs: Logo feast

¬†For an almost overwhelming scene of logos, click here: Http:// … [Read more...]

Ten Reasons Why Baseball is God’s Game

Someone posted this blog link on Twitter and it made me smile... as did the response from an Australian who lampoons baseball and prefers the spiritual dimensions of cricket. And tonight two of the nuns are going to the Dodgers-Padres game here in L.A. (Who do I root for? I live in L.A. now, but I am from San Diego....) Well, may the best team win!Enjoy!Ten Reasons Why Baseball is God's Game … [Read more...]