Sister Rose’s blog reaches 500,000 hits today

Since I moved my blog to Wordpress on October 5, 2008 I never dreamed of 500.000 hits or page views. In this day of YouTube videos getting a million hits in a day or an hour, this half million in three years eight months, an average of 300 hits a day with 2,900 in one day in 2010, does not seem like much in the virtual scheme of things. Yet it provides me with a motive of thanksgiving for the Internet and the gift of communication between God's people the world over and who knows? Maybe the … [Read more...]

Scholarship, Religion, Activism Conference at UCLA February 26, 2012

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The Eyes Have It: The Truth about Fast Forwarding in Boston College Magazine

Be sure to take a look at this article by Sue Rardin about research regarding brand recognition/retention resulting from fast forwarding enabled by TiVo and DVR's through television commercials:The Eyes Have It: The Truth about Fast-ForwardingHere is an excerpt from the article assessing the research of S. James Brasel and James Gips:..."Equally significant for advertisers, the research showed that all who witnessed fast-forwarding—whether they controlled it or not—focused almost exclus … [Read more...]