The Cinema of Adoption

 To go along with National Adoption Month in the US, here is a link to my column On Faith and Media in St. Anthony Messenger magazine.Some of the movies I talk about are Secrets and Lies, Juno, Heaven on Earth, Daughter of Danang, Superman, etc.    … [Read more...]

Religious Education Congress 2011: A vibrant human mosaic

The labyrinth ANAHEIM, CALIF. -- Ask anyone who participated in the Religious Education Congress March 17-20 how they would describe the event in terms of art, and they will tell you: It’s the people. Ask author/speaker Jesuit Fr. James Martin and he will tell you that the congress -- not Disneyland across the street -- is the happiest place on earth.Charity Sr. Edith Prendergast, who heads the Los Angeles archdiocese’s Office for Religious Education, told me that she loves the con … [Read more...]

Why Flannery O’Connor Matters Today

On the season finale last year of ABC's hit drama "Lost," alert viewers would have noticed that the mysterious character, Jacob (Mark Pellegrino), was reading the book Everything That Rises Must Converge. The tome is a collection of short stories by the American Catholic novelist, Flannery O'Connor who was born in Savannah, Ga. March 25, 1925 and died from lupus in Milledgeville, Ga., outside of Atlanta in 1964.The book's title story is about an arrogant young man, Julian, whose bigoted mother … [Read more...]

How to Write Your Social Media Plan in 8 Steps

Click here for How to Write Your Social Media Plan. Very clear and helpful. … [Read more...]

Cruel and Unusual: A book about television, punishment and God – AMERICA review

I just got the May 4th online version of AMERICA ( and this book review of "Cruel and Unusual: the Culture of Punishment in America"  authored by Anne Marie Cusac, caught my eye. You usually have to be a subscriber to access the entire issue online, but during April and May anyone can - you just have to register and log in.In view of how many crime and punishment shows populate (literally) television's landscape, this could be an important book. I know I want to read i … [Read more...]

Brave Knights and Heroic Courage and Holy Moments Lecture

Last November I had the privilege of responding to Walden Media co-founder Micheal Flaherty's lecture at USC. Here is the text of my response: The Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at USC Religion and Film  Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies USC Lecture Series 2008-2009   Brave Knights and Heroic Courage and Holy Moments   Featured Speaker: Micheal Flaherty Co-Founder of Walden Media Producers of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian and Am … [Read more...]

To Fall in Love with the World

In 1995 I made my annual retreat (silent/directed) at  Craighead Retreat House neat Glasgow, Scotland. I had taken my final exams and turned in my dissertation for an MA in Education in Media Studies at the University of London's Institute of Education and was awaiting the results before returning to the USA. One day I found a green pamphlet at the retreat house from the series of Jesuit writings published by The Institute for Jesuit Studies in St. Louis:  To Fall in Love with the World: I … [Read more...]

Easter (and Pauline themes) in Memorable DVD’s

Celebration magazine recently published my article "St. Paul Goes to the Movies at Easter". Here is an abridged version now available online:Easter in Memorable DVD's Celebration magazine is the liturgical resource of the National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company. … [Read more...]

A Vision of the Future

A Vision of the Future from Carmelina Films on Vimeo.Daniel Cubas has been blind since childhood, but this hasn't stopped him from pursuing his passions and following his dreams. This documentary follows Daniel as he discusses his successes and roadblocks on his journey to achieving his goals. A touching and uplifting story that will surely inspire all who watch it.2009, 13 minutes (Nick Pernisco is a media literacy education colleague and friend who teaches at Santa Monica College and is … [Read more...]