The Help, Senna, Rise of the Planet of the Apes Film Reviews

    Click here and scroll down for my written reviews of The Help and SENNA on American Catholic.orgHere is my short video tape on The Help, SENNA and The Rise of the Planet of the Apes:  … [Read more...]

Senna: documentary about a champion with faith

  Sports films are the timeless cinematic metaphor for life. I think it is a fair question to ask which of them made you cry the most? Was it "Rudy"? "Field of Dreams"? "Brian's Song"? For me it's David Anspaugh's 1986 "Hoosiers."Some new releases, whether based on fact or fiction, fuse sports and faith quite well and are entertaining and inspiring without falling into the "message" trap. They also avoid sentimentality, though are wrought with emotion and tension. "Senna" is … [Read more...]