On the road to the Oscars: my reviews and predictions – kind of

 If you'd like to check out what I think about the ten Oscar nominated films (and thoughts on some others) visit my blog on the INNetwork: The INNdustry with Sister Rose.The questions I always ask myself about a movie is whether or not I'd see it again. I am always looking for signs of humanity, too, at least tinged with empathy or the possibility for it.For a taste here's my take on The Wolf of Wall Street. There's something missing ...   … [Read more...]

Searching for Peace: National Film Retreat July 16-18, 2010

The 11th Annual National Film RetreatSEARCHING  FOR PEACEFri. Jul.16th-Sun.Jul.18th, 2010View and discuss four dramatic films to minehuman and spiritual insights on the theme of peace.Suitable for anyone who loves movies.FILM ROSTERDeparturesThe Lives of OthersMarvin's RoomKing of HeartsRetreat Directors:Frank Frost, Frank Frost ProductionsFr. Greg Freidman, OFM, St. Anthony MessengerSr. Hosea Rupprecht, FSP, Pauline Center for Media StudiesRegistration Fee: … [Read more...]