Superman is coming in “Man of Steel” – scenes from the press day on May 31

At the press day at Warner Bros. last Friday, May 31It was a grand gathering of press, domestic and international at Warner Bros. in Burbank. The sound stage was set up with costumes and artifacts from the movie. I was only able to have a one on one interview with producer Deborah Snyder, wife of director Zach Snyder. It will be included in my review that will come out next week in The Tidings. Here are more photos of the press day. We saw all the talent but didn't get to meet them and … [Read more...]

The “Apostles Creed” in Hollywood … it keeps coming up

A few years ago, in early 2006, Jonathan Bock, the president of Grace Hill Media, a firm that markets major motion pictures to the faith audience, arranged for a panel presentation about Christianity to both the Los Angeles and New York administrative and creative support teams for New Line Cinema. New Line Cinema had just signed on to produce "The Nativity Story," and there was interest in making sure everyone involved understood what this story would mean to millions of viewers. Jonathan asked … [Read more...]