Top 300 Christian Blogs for Ministry – check it out and blog on (before the zombie apocalypse)

 Christian blogs, and Catholic Christian blogs in particular, cover a lot of topics. They are also quite popular. Since 2006 Church Relevance has been dedicated to "Creating relevant, effective ministries." I had never heard of it's founder Ken Shaffer before today. But I like how he (and collaborator Craig Van Lorlaar) define their mission: "True relevance is understanding culture andresponding to hurts and needs with the gospel, sacrifical love, and selfless ministering."Now, h … [Read more...]

Do we need the zombie apocalypse?

 Thanks to my sister who sent me this I discovered that Marc, over at Bad Catholic, has written an authentic and insightful piece on the zombie apocalypse.  It's too good not to share. This is the conclusion but be sure to click through to read the entire post "concerning the zombie apocalypse." Marc obviously spends more times with the walking dead than I do so read on, on this day when the world did not end. Again.The fact of the Zombie Apocalypse has the … [Read more...]