Bryan Fischer is an AIDS denier

Tweet from Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association:

“New pill stops HIV virus. But won’t stop AIDS since caused by extensive inhalant drug use, not HIV.”

So there it is. Bryan Fischer is an AIDS denier. The chief spokesman of the American Family Association is an AIDS denier.

Do you need to know anything, anything at all, else about Bryan Fischer?


Is there anything, anything at all, else that you could possibly learn about Bryan Fischer that would balance this out and make him a credible and/or decent human being?


So why is Bryan Fischer still treated as a respected, credible peer by his allies in the religious right? Why is Bryan Fischer invited or even allowed to speak at gatherings of the religious right and the Republican Party?

Bryan Fischer is an AIDS denier. The American Family Association is an AIDS-denying organization.

That’s really all you need to know about them.

And that’s really all you need to know about the decency and credibility of anyone who regards them as an ally or a source of support.

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  • Donalbain

    How do these evil people explain the fact that babies are born HIV+ and go on to develop AIDS?

  • Donalbain

    Also, have any of the non-progressive Christian blogs on this network called out the vile piece of shit for this sort of thing? 

  • Also, the number of partners he claims “the average heterosexual” has looks a bit high.

    I think that the numbers aren’t the only things here that’s a “bit high”. i

  • Tomás Brewster

     He still does believe a god’s punishment for gays.

  • Tomás Brewster

    Fischer is calling Kaposi Sarcoma, AID$, which is widely believed to be caused by Popper or Nitrite inhalant use.  We know that the U.S. CDC invented the phony syndrome because GRID wouldn’t sell to the people. It’s amazing how people call you the denialist or the denier when they don’t have the whole story, what you believe is a comfortable religious notion.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    How do these evil people explain the fact that babies are born HIV+ and go on to develop AIDS?

    I believe the explanation goes like this:

    HIV+ people develop AIDS under conditions of malnourishment (hence, Africa) and/or drug abuse or other “extremely unhealthy behaviours” (hence, people in rich countries who we like to demonise). The babies develop AIDS because the nastiness of their mother has some kind of epigenetic effect.

  • Tomás Brewster

    actually “HIV” is the gay disease and “AID$” somehow became the black disease, look at your contradicting media artcles everyday you’ll notice or continue denying the facts.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    Also, have any of the non-progressive Christian blogs on this network called out the vile piece of shit for this sort of thing? 

    Now, now, Donalbain. This network encourages open, respectful dialog about faith between people of all traditions who recognise the default nature of Americanised politically conservative Christianity. We here on the progressive portal are the aberrations, which your use of the pejorative term “non-progressive Christian” fails to recognise.

  • Tomás Brewster

     That’s incorrect, dissenting groups deny the fringe groups, especially those that espouse to Robert Gallo & Luc Montagnier’s constructed HIV theories of AID$.

    Here is how silly it get’s, start a movement about the existence of Santa & Bigfoot and see how crazy this sounds… no different with ‘HIV”, Robert Gallo(up for scientific misconduct twice) never purified any virus from the original isolation protocol, Luc Montagnier the french scientist who won the 200 million dollar law suit against the Reagan adminstration and Gallo’s team over the phony HIV antibody test kits said the same thing “We did not Purify”.  so what is it that the U.S. Center for Disease Control and National Institue of Health  been selling all of these years?   Fear.

    Gay people demanded the pills AZT & Antiretroviral drugs and they got what they asked for.. I am gay and it’s not surprising to see poppers sold as VCR head cleaner or some other novelty, Lung Disease in a bottle.. we can thank the gay industry for their wonderful betrayal against GBLT!

  • Tomás Brewster

     The Historical Record will never lie and you can’t deny that, if you do you could possibly have blood on your hands.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    While on the topic, though, I did a quick survey of recent articles in the other “Christian channels” out of interest.

    Evangelical channel
    – Christians should engage in the political sphere. The word secular elite appears in the first sentence, which is helpful.
    – Rick Santorum has a blog on Patheos. Boo, abortion!
    – Americans pay too much tax. Founding fathers something
    – Obamacare sets the stage for tyrany. The Bible shows that God is not into tyrannical governments.
    – Partisan conflict is good for American democracy
    – Small government yeah! Anyone who puts the term social justice in scare quotes, btw, gets my utter scorn

  • Tomás Brewster

    people who test antibody, RNA or DNA positive have been told that they have “HIV” rather than non specific antibodies.. which there is no published peer reviewed study that shows validation of HIV Test kits by means of direct HTLVIII/LAV/HIV isolation and furthermore the corrupt U.S. Center for Disease Control designed the phony syndrome without any specific definition. to say that anything causes AID$ is based on  the belief system of a definitional construct.  The term AID$ should be banned from human vocabulary.

  • Tomás Brewster

     so you don’t believe that humans are capable of being a “conspirator” or that a mankind is perfect… is that your conspiracy theory?

  • Tomás Brewster

     denial is a river..or an unwanted truth?

  • Tomás Brewster

     according to state health facts “HIV” is a high-pathetic “male retrovirus”  and so for “HIV” to be an epidemic, “it” would have to be 50/50 between the sexes in order to be called a problem…   however, the data shows that men are at 80% and women 20% this is nothing to worry about.

  • Tomás Brewster

     You must be getting your phony data from Mr Fauci and the CDC how quaint???

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    Dude, if you don’t quote then we have no idea who you’re talking to so you become Non Sequitur man.

  • Donalbain

    I loathe Patheos. The fact that they shunt the likes of Fred into a “progressive Christian” Ghetto really annoys me. Fred is as much an Evangelical as any of the others in that channel, but because he is not a right wing flag waving douchebag, he is not accepted in that channel. And as for the Catholic Channel….

  • Donalbain

     You must be getting your phony data from Mr Fauci and the CDC how quaint???

    Errr… the website YOU posted gets its data from the CDC…

  • hidden_urchin

    Was it an article on the book Tinderbox: How the West Sparked the AIDS Epidemic and How the World can Finally Overcome It?  Here’s a link to the PBS spot:

  • Guest

    Fun with math.

    Let’s say a gay man begins having sex at age 16 and continues until his death at age 80. That’s 64 years of sweaty man-on-man action. (Fischer, if you’re reading this, take a moment to fan yourself. I’ll wait).

    Taking Fischer’s “thousands” to mean exactly 2000, that means a different sex partner every 11.6 days. Let’s round down to 11. Now, I don’t know a whole lot about the gay scene in most cities, but I’d have to think at some point, you’d simply run out of new guys to screw. 

    Of course, being one homogenous, like-minded group, they’ll all naturally respond the same way to a simple “let’s fuck” proposition. So none of the men will want a few getting-to-know-you dates, or want to be in a serious relationship, or are only interested in a particular race or body type. All they care about is getting their rocks off with any man at any time. 

    Sheesh, gay men entering into longterm monogamous relationships spanning months, or years, or decades must either screw around on their partners or do a hell of a lot of making up for lost time between relationships to hit those numbers.

    I think Fischer spends more time thinking about gay men than gay men do.

  • Tonio

    It’s possible that Fischer is simply jealous of gay men, or more rather the stereotype that he harbors of them. Perhaps in his mind, these men are cheating because they are escaping the “consequences” of heterosexual monogamy, meaning not just becoming a father but also having to relate to women as real human beings. Sam Kinison, who also pushed the sex-with-monkeys myth, frequently ranted about his marriages being hell on earth. Both men may simply wanted to sleep with as many women as possible without interacting with them any other way, and they imagined gay men having the same attitude toward sex and being free to pursue it.

  • Yeah, this was a running joke between my husband and me for years… given that we’ve both had exactly one sexual partner for the last twenty-years-come-November, we feel sort of bad for the two promiscuous guys who had to find an extra thousand people a year to fuck. When do they get any sleep?

    See also “Every 1.6 seconds a U.S. citizen is mugged. His name is Gary, and he’s really getting tired of it.”

    More seriously… I mostly think this sort of thing derives from having the only examples of gay behavior one recognizes as such being “gay vacation spots”, like Fire Island canonically was for a while. It’s as if I generalized straight teenager’s sex lives from Spring Break in Florida. (Which, come to think of it, many people seem to.)

  • A new account with a commenting history of only spewing addled & incoherent conspiracies based on an incomplete understanding of the scientific method? I AM SIMPLY SHOCKED.

  • The_L1985

    I’ve heard of another possibility. Since HIV is so similar to the form of SIV found in baboons, and since the disease didn’t show up until the 20th century, it’s likely something like this may have happened:

    Doctors need more vaccine than they have. Doctors try to “stretch” the vaccine to innoculate more people by cutting it with baboon plasma. It later turns out that the plasma used was infected with SIV.

  • The_L1985

    I beg your pardon? Look at Africa, you fool. African women are contracting the disease at least as much as men, if not moreso.

  • Guest

    I think trying to use logic with that person will be about as successful as convincing Lady Gaga to go out in jeans and a t-shirt.

  • Tricksterson

    IIRC the “anal sex causes AIDS” theory is a common one.  Or more accurately that HIV is somehow activated and transformed into AIDS by anal sex.  Somehow.  Trust me there is no theory, however stupid that you can up up with that someone doesn’t take seriously.

  • That sounds like a pretty tragic mistake, brought on by lack of understanding of interspecies disease crossing :(

  • It’s not in quite that league; aliens have not been shown to exist at all, let alone aliens who abduct and experiment on humans.  Primates that carry HIV-like viruses and humans who have sex with non-human animals, on the other hand, are both known to exist; it’s just that the latter are a lot less common than humans who eat other primate, and (to offer another much more plausible alternative hypothesis to human-ape or human-monkey sex) humans who get bitten by other primates.

  • Charity Brighton wrote:
    “In that light, I can’t conclusively disprove the notion the AIDS deniers are agents of Satan, intending to weaken human society by convincing millions of people that one of the deadliest scourges in recent memory does not exist.”

    Actually, if one begins with the assumption that there is in fact such an entity as Satan, who wishes us ill and has some power to manipulate people and events, that hypothesis immediately begins to look more likely than not.  It would actually be comforting, in a weird sort of way, to be able to ascribe Peter Duesberg’s actions to demonic possession, rather than accepting that a man who once proved himself to be a capable scientiest could sink so deep into confirmation bias and dishonest resolution of his cognitive dissonance that he’d continue to spread lies that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths.

  • Joshua wrote:
    “Aliens and Lister do not exist in the same universe.”

    I think some of the GELFs that turned up in the later seasons were inhuman enough to qualify as aliens for all practical purposes.

  • One of the most reprehensible things about House of Numbers is that they included an interview with AIDS denialist and patient Christine Maggiore without ever mentioning that she killed her daughter, Eliza Jane Scovill, at the age of three by first refusing to take antiretrovirals during her pregnancy or while breastfeeding (which she shouldn’t have done at all), then refusing to have the little girl tested or treated for HIV when she grew sick. She then attempted to cover up her negligent homicide by hiring another denialist (a veterinary pathologist, not qualified to draw conclusions regarding human medical records) to “review” the autopsy report and dispute the coroner’s conclusion that Eliza Jane had died of pneumocystis pneumonia resulting from advanced AIDS.  House of Numbers did mention (in fine print near the end of the closing credits) that Maggiore herself had died prior to the film’s release, but also falsely asserted that her death was unrelated to HIV, despite her death certificate stating that the cause of death was disseminated herpes virus infection and bilateral pneumonia, with oral candidiasis as a contributing cause — all typical opportunistic infections associated with AIDS.

  • Where do his ilk usually find their statistics?  They pull them out of their asses.

  • Bryan Fischer has a lot more influence than the Time Cube guy, though, and I don’t really think that Fischer is mentally ill; I think he’s out of touch with reality by choice.

  • There’s a reasonably good summary of that historical hypothesis on the Wikipedia HIV/AIDS page.

  • Even the median would be better than the arithmetic mean — Wilt Chamberlain can only cancel out one celibate in that stat, as opposed to several thousand (if we take the man’s boasts seriously, that is).

  • Mark Z.

    More to the point, Bryan Fischer has a lot more influence than the Time Cube guy, which means that whatever is wrong with Fischer, it’s not limited to Fischer. Mitt Romney does not have a strategy to reach out to the Time Cube Voters.

  • “Now, I don’t know a whole lot about the gay scene in most cities, but I’d have to think at some point, you’d simply run out of new guys to screw.”

    Ever see Queer as Folk? That actually was a problem that Brian Kinney, the hyper-promiscuous alpha-queer character, ran into. (Brian’s aversion to attachment made him leery of having sex with the same partner more than once — he several times deflect the advances of other men at Club Babylon with the comment, “I’ve had you already.”)

    For those who haven’t seen the series, you should also know that Kinney was the only one of the main cast who conformed to that stereotype, although one or two of the others sometimes expressed a degree of envy.  It’s a lot easier to live that way if you’re both very good-looking and very wealthy — Brian was both, the rest of the leads somewhat less so.

  • I wouldn’t dignify that notion with a word like “theory,” or even “hypothesis.”

  •  Now THAT’s an interesting philosophical question: Could a lifeform created by humans ever qualify as “alien”?

  • Jesus. Look at those crashing life expectancies for those African countries. It’s like a straight line upwards through the 1970s and 1980s, and then CRASH. It’s like a mirror of the crash of Russian life expectancies post-Soviet Union.

    I’d almost be tempted to wonder if the AIDS epidemic in Africa is due, in part, to people undertaking riskier economic and social activities because of the lack of Soviet support and the concomitant loss of what welfare states existed in some African countries as a result, since the IMF often insisted on cuts to social and health spending as preconditions for budgetary balance and further loans.

  • “It’s as if I generalized straight teenager’s sex lives from Spring Break in Florida. (Which, come to think of it, many people seem to.)”

    Yes, and for the same reason. It makes them hot. But they’re ashamed of that. So they make up excuses for dwelling on it so feverishly. It’s because they’re ~concerned~ or ~horrified~, really! Not because the thought of energetic young people discovering the joys of sex arouses them, oh no. 

    Much of what homophobic people write is actually erotica slathered in shame.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    I share all the sentiments you expressed.

    My summary of the recent articles on the “evangelical” channel wasn’t selective, btw. Those points covered each of the posts in their “recent articles” sidebar.

  • Kiba

    I think that might have been it. I could also be combining things from that article and assorted world AIDS organizations. When I can’t sleep my brain gets fuzzy.

  • Note that just a few posts earlier, Fischer claimed gay sex was what spread HIV: 
    He can’t even be consistent. 

  • That does seem like a likely contributor — most women who become sex workers, especially in developing countries, do so out of economic necessity.  The more women in a society are faced with a stark choice between selling sex and starving to death, the more prostitution that society will have.  As sex workers become more visible and competition drives down the price for their services, more and more men will see paying for sex as an attractive alternative (or supplement) to pursuing romantic relationships.  That created the perfect petri dish for the tranformation of a mild blood-borne zoonosis that the human immune system would normally overwhem in a matter of weeks to evolve into a lethal plague with an absurdly long incubation period that gives every patient plenty of time to infect others before succumbing.

  • None of what you said makes any sense. I fear you may be mentally ill, with your disjointed conspiracy ramblings. [Citation Needed] about that lawsuit vs. Reagan, incidentally. I’ve found no record of any such thing.

    Nevertheless: HIV is a real thing. AIDS exists in places where poppers have never appeared (Africa ring a bell?).
    Plus, you’re claiming that HIV is a conspiracy by gay people to make other gay people drug addicts. Furthermore, the fact that most LGBT types don’t even take poppers (or have HIV/AIDS) destroys your argument. As does the fact that lesbians are the lowest-risk group for it, and straight men are the fastest-growing risk group.

    You also seem to forget that epidemiologists worldwide have shown that HIV causes AIDS, not just the American CDC.

    Welcome to Conspiracy Theorists Say The Darndest Things, btw. You’re a great source of amusement, and an effective tale of caution.

  • Hey – just saw this. You paint a very saddeningly realistic picture of the on-the-ground damage to real people with real lives wrought by ivory-tower IMFers who see line items on a budget and nothing else.

  •  Satan does not exist that another 21st century myth perpetrated by even the most devout scientists.