4 years ago: One cheer for Fred Phelps

April 20, 2009, on this blog: One cheer for Fred Phelps

It turns out that the litigious old bastard has at least one useful social purpose. The unimpeded, undiminished work of his infamously evil  anti-gay “ministry” emphatically disproves every Scary Story promoted by anti-gay religious groups who claim that recognizing marriage equality or including sexual orientation in existing hate-crime or anti-discrimination legislation will lead to Christian ministers being thrown in jail for saying they believe homosexuality is a sin.

“My freedom will be taken away,” says one woman in the NOM ad.

How so? She doesn’t say. But Fred Phelps’ freedom hasn’t been taken away, so we have to assume that this otherwise pleasant-seeming woman must be referring to her “freedom” to harass, slander and berate with greater intensity than anything Phelps has done.

… Fred Phelps is a free man, so if you think your freedom is going to be restricted, you must be planning to outdo Fred Phelps.

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  • Fred Phelps is useful, though. His anti-americanism discredits homophobia by association, and other homophobes have to thread carefully, lest they be compared to him.

  • Lupus753

    Before I commented, there was indeed one comment here. Given the title…

  • Zuzanna Kubicka

    I’m sorry ,but Fred Phelps is the most pitiful person in all my life.I’m a Catholic and it doesn’t mean that I lost my mind.So shut up Fred,because yours views infect young generation.Thank you.

  • I can only guess at what meaning you’ve drawn from this post, but it doesn’t seem like the one he intended to convey.