Sen. Inhofe’s perfectly legal corruption is worse than former-Rep. Schock’s law-breaking


As usual, the real scandal is not what is illegal, but what remains perfectly legal. Aaron Schock was forced to resign because he was corrupt, but 534 members of Congress remain in office and many of them are far, far more corrupt than he has ever managed to be. Consider, for example, Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma. [Read more...]

Je suis Alexamenos


Spring is coming, so if you need mulch, I know a guy. Here are a couple of items for the list of Things Millennials Will Need to Fix, plus: How the 1960s impoverished the Okies of the 1930s, the market sets a price for the State of Alabama, and an apocryphal study of angelic genitalia. [Read more...]

‘The Bible is really clear about usury’

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The problem is not that the Bible is lacking in clarity. The problem, rather, tends to be a surfeit of clarity. If you turn to the Bible looking for an unambiguous, definitive and categorical statement on almost any given point, you’ll be sure to find one. That would solve your problem … until you realize that you can find more than one, and that they’re not all the same. [Read more...]

Campus ghost stories and real American history


I’m happy to read about the Penn Ghost Project. I do not believe in ghosts, but I do believe in ghost stories. Searching for ghosts is bound to be a fruitless waste of time. But searching for ghost stories can be important and meaningful. [Read more...]

Bullies have always been intersectional, even before that was a word

Intersectionality is not just a nice idea, but a necessary one: We have to be intersectional because the bullies are. They always have been. Bullies and oppressors and Pharaohs have never allowed themselves to be held back by an either/or, zero-sum framework. But they’ve always been very good at exploiting that idea to pit their various victims against one another. [Read more...]

Of pocket lint and ‘political correctness’

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There are two morals to this story. First, of course, is that the charging dock on a cellphone can get clogged with pocket lint. If yours starts to get a bit unreliable, shine a flashlight in there and poke around a bit — gently — with a toothpick or the end of a paper clip. That should take care of that for you. [Read more...]

Good news for your customers is good news for your business


This isn’t how our CEO will react to this happy news for Bob and for 700,000 more of our customers. Our CEO, like most CEOs, has lost the ability to think of our customers as people with jobs and budgets. So he won’t be thinking, “Woohoo! 700,000 of our customers just got a raise!” He’ll be thinking, “Ohnoes! Wage increases in the retail sector could lead to higher labor costs — I must oppose this!” And he won’t hesitate to try to screw over 700,000 — or 7 million, or 70 million — of our customers if that’s what it takes to oppose the slightest possibility of the potential of the shadow of maybe a slight increase in labor costs. [Read more...]

Republicans saying Republican things (2.25)


Republicans tell us what they think about establishing an official religion, about welfare, immigration, bisexuals, evolution, black people, and, of course, rape. One also has a theory about how cancer works, while another has a question about vaginas. [Read more...]