The intersection of purity culture and white ‘Christian’ racism


Lisa Wade explores the “benevolent sexism” interwoven with a white terrorist’s racism. This grotesque, evil cartoon from “The Christian Beacon” in 1964 illustrates and confirms exactly what she’s talking about. [Read more...]

The historical roots of white evangelical anti-environmentalism

The theological and historical basis for white evangelical anti-environmentalism, in two pictures.

Mainly, though, the historical roots of white evangelical antipathy to environmentalism and of white evangelical climate denialism comes down to two things: Shirley MacLaine and Al Gore. That’s it. [Read more...]

A prayer in a sanctuary

Screen shot 2015-06-18 at 4.37.30 PM

“God, we welcome and invite you into this place, your house. We thank you for the spirit that dwells here. The spirit of Denmark Vesey. The spirit of R.H. Cain. The spirit of Dr. King. The spirit of many of the unsung heroes of our people. But we also thank you, God, for all persons who come seeking to expand their horizons and seeking to learn more about what our country is made of and what makes us who we are as a people and as a country.” [Read more...]

David Brooks is Vice Principal Strickland, only even less truthful


David Brooks isn’t upset that Kids These Days think they’re more important than everyone else. What upsets him is that Kids These Days think they’re just as valuable as everyone else — including him. Brooks, in other words, is angry that these spoiled, entitled Kids These Days lack the proper humility that would require them to acknowledge that he is more valuable than they are. [Read more...]

Evil liberal media continues to persecute righteous white Christians by nitpicking about the sexual abuse of children


The Duggar scandal has reinforced support for Mike Huckabee among his chosen niche of white Southern Christian voters. He’s spun Josh Duggar’s creepy criminality into the self-aggrandizing narrative of “Christian persecution” by the nasty liberal media conspiracy. Huckabee’s defiant defense of a confessed child molester thus becomes evidence of his Christian virtue. Now we’ll see if Mike Huckabee can perform this same trick a second time. [Read more...]

Revisiting the immorality of the religious right’s ‘moral high ground’


The religious right’s assertion that it represented the moral high ground was widely accepted for many years. But once they were challenged to defend that assertion, it proved to be indefensible. That’s why anti-gay ballot initiatives in the United States lost in 2012, and it’s why Irish voters overwhelmingly endorsed marriage equality in 2015. [Read more...]

Nothing is secret that will not become known

Martin Landau in "Crimes and Misdemeanors."

The astonishing thing to me about the Dennis Hastert story — the part I can’t manage to wrap my mind around — is that knowing this about himself, knowing his own secret history, he still chose to run for office and to place himself in the public eye. [Read more...]

Denny Hastert, Speaker of the House, 1999-2007


A sex scandal is not the same thing as “public corruption or a corruption scandal.” But when a sex scandal leads to extortion, that distinction goes away. A politician who is willing to pay someone millions of dollars to keep quiet may also be a politician who is willing to vote or deregulate or administer their duties in a way that favors those leveraging their secrets against them. And that is the very definition of public corruption. [Read more...]