Keep Big Government away from my defective strollers

Not content with trying to tell private health insurance companies what they can and can't do, the jackbooted thugs of the Obama Administration are now meddling in the most sacred and intimate relationship of all, that between parents and their young children. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is now telling families what kind of strollers [Read More...]

Our trespasses

Today's paper has a good piece from reporters Hiran Ratnayake and Ginger Gibson — "Immigrants on fringes in debate's foreground" — on the desperate situation faced by illegal immigrants in need of health care here in America. The article starts with one story: When Miriam was 15, her parents trespassed into the United States from [Read More...]

Same to you, buddy

Wal-mart is now advertising a new "low" rate for cashing checks of only $3. Any such rate seems like it's too much, since the check is your money, and paying $3 for your own money is a rip-off. But, as Wal-mart points out, $3 is a lot less than many of their competitors charge for [Read More...]

An argument

A: Sarah Palin is lying about health care reform. B: Whoa, hold on there. That’s quite the accusation. You want to use the L-word, you’re going to have to prove it. A: That’s not difficult. Here is the outrageous and demonstrably untrue lie in question, from her Facebook page: The America I know and love [Read More...]

Still not rock bottom

The smug-junkies are lining up for the latest designer drug to hit the streets, a hot-shot of fentanyl-laced oblivion that is viewed, in the perverse logic of the addict, as the really good stuff. The Pursuit of Offendedness is never pretty, but don't avert your gaze from the horrors of what you're about to see. [Read More...]

Health care reform

The last few moments of Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs present an astonishing twist and an unexpectedly joyful conclusion. Only later, after the euphoria of that surprise has worn off, do you realize that the happiness of this happy ending doesn't really make sense. It doesn't add up. Or, rather, this happy ending adds up, [Read More...]

Hell and the Credit-Card Lobby

I've mentioned before that I don't believe in the idea of "Hell" as a place of infinite, eternal torment for those beyond or outside of the grace of God. And neither, apparently, does Edward L. Yingling. Yingling is the head of the credit-card lobby. He's spent the past several months vigorously fighting against any limits [Read More...]

Post-apocalyptic anarchy day

The anti-tax Tax Foundation gets a lot of attention each year when it announces its annual calculation for what it calls "Tax Freedom Day." I don't understand why we're supposed to take this seriously. What they do, more or less, is divide total tax collections by total income to arrive at a rough estimate of [Read More...]