Facebook's Grand Bargain

The following is making the rounds on Facebook as a smug, “just-folks like me are so much smarter than all those idiots in Washington” piece of myth-making: Salary of the US President. ..$400,000. Salary of retired US Presidents …$180,000. Salary of House/Senate…$174, 000. Salary of Speaker of the House…$223,500… Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders… $193,400… Average [Read More...]

A bipartisan enemy of the people

Amy Traub writes about one of my hobby horses for The American Prospect: “Give Us Some Credit: States work to curb the financial background checks that can keep the unemployed out of work.” Today, six in ten employers say that they check the credit histories of some or all prospective employees before making final hiring [Read More...]

It's time to panic

Brad DeLong notes that this week’s employment figures are cause for panic. What he suggests, actually, isn’t merely panic, but “PANIC!!” But given our current employment crisis, I think a third exclamation point may be required. We’ve got 13.9 million Americans who can’t find work. That’s cause for alarm — cause for all out panic [Read More...]

Franklin Graham goes the Full Olasky

Bruce Watson of AOL asks “What Would the Rapture Do to Real Estate Prices?” In New York City, for example, a 49% drop would reduce the city’s population to 1910 levels. In the short run, this would cause property values to plummet in the city, but the effects would quickly spread beyond mortgages and rents. [Read More...]

Evangelicals and the politics of spite

The headline is depressingly unsurprising: "Polling Evangelicals: Cut Aid to World's Poor, Unemployed." The combination of stupidity, selfishness and resentment for resentment's sake here is an unholy abomination that makes me want to scream and throw things. And I would, if I thought screaming and throwing things would help get through to these folks, but [Read More...]

How to respond to the Two Bobs

I'm seeking advice today about an ethical dilemma being posed this week to me and to thousands of others who work for America's largest newspaper chain. We're being asked to "track our time" minute-by-minute. You may be familiar with this task — the nadir of 20th-century corporate management techniques — due to its indelible portrayal [Read More...]

People power in Egypt

I know almost as little about Egypt as I do about Tunisia, so I'm still not sure what we're watching unfold, or if it makes sense for me to feel somewhat like I'm watching 1989 all over again. Heather Hurlbert suggests "Five Things to Understand About the Egyptian Riots," and I suspect she's right about [Read More...]

Playoffs and rocking chairs

The big game is tonight, the college football national championship. No, I don't mean the contest between Oregon and Auburn for the chance to declare themselves "national champions" without ever facing undefeated TCU. I mean the bona fide championship game for I-AA in which the University of Delaware's Fighting Blue Hens and the Eastern Washington [Read More...]