Why the Republican Party cannot, as Michael Gerson suggests, ‘raise questions’ about climate change

This stuff traps heat, whether or not we'd prefer otherwise.

Rather than the absurd claim that climate science is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” Gerson would prefer that his fellow Republicans simple “raise questions about global warming.” OK, great. Please proceed. Raise whatever questions you’d like to raise. Ask away. But the problem here is that asking questions entails the possibility that those questions might have answers. [Read more...]

Slavery and the Creation of a Counterfeit ‘Biblical Civilization’ in America: 1619-1865


The King James Version of the Bible was completed in 1611. The first African slaves were imported into Jamestown in 1619. “Biblical” Christianity and the idea of “biblical civilization” grew up alongside slavery. The latter shaped the former, and the two things have been inextricably intertwined ever since. [Read more...]

Je suis Bat Boy


The anthrax attacks of 2001 killed five people, starting with the photo editor of a satirical supermarket tabloid. That happened. A terror attack here in the U.S. — in Boca Raton — targeted and killed a visual artist working for a satirical newspaper. And then, three weeks later, the Patriot Act was signed into law. [Read more...]

Cops behaving badly (1.17)


A Cleveland cop is described as a “serial abuser of women.” That’s not a problem in Arkansas, where undercover cops serially abuse women before arresting them for prostitution — while good cops/decent humans who complain about that wind up getting fired. A Las Vegas cop calls for a “race war” with his tribe — “American, Christian, White, Heterosexual” — taking on all comers. And San Antonio briefly suspends three cops, not for beating a suspect, but for beating the wrong suspect. [Read more...]

Appalling results from a small study of college men highlight a public safety emergency


First, let’s be clear — this is a single study from a single location with a tiny sample size. I mention this not as a criticism of the study, but because it’s something I’ve been repeating over and over to try to reassure myself that maybe the world isn’t as horrible as this study seems [Read More...]

Rich people have been pretending to be stupid for so long that they’ve actually become stupid


This study from the Pew Research Center demonstrates that a majority of America’s wealthiest residents are appallingly lacking in not just compassion, but facts, education, intelligence and curiosity. Or, to put it more directly, this study shows that a majority of the wealthiest Americans are ignorant, stupid and dull. The wealthy are not simply hard-hearted. They’re thick-headed. [Read more...]

Please forgive me for the actions of extremists I have never met who commit acts of violence that I have never advocated


I denounce this attack by a white, male Baptist, and I state unequivocally that we white male Baptists do not all believe in this kind of violent extremism. I beg you all not to condemn all of us for the actions of this lone member of our community, although of course I will understand if you decide that you must do so and will humbly accept whatever restrictions on our full participation in society that you see fit to impose. That’s only fair. [Read more...]

Cops behaving badly


“Bad boys, bad boys / Whatcha gonna do? / Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” [Read more...]