Memento mori

We're all gonna die someday lord We're all gonna die someday Mama's on pills daddy's over the hill But we're all gonna die someday – kasey chambers In 100 years, the evangelists like to remind us, we will all be dead. They have a point. The mortality rate for the human race remains a steady [Read More...]

Of blood and stones

Uggabugga directs our attention to this Washington Post article, "Bankruptcy Bill Advances," in which Kathleen Day reports: The Senate Judiciary Committee — propelled by a unified Republican majority and with little public debate — voted 12 to 5 [on Feb. 17] to approve legislation backed by the credit card industry and opposed by consumer groups [Read More...]


Slate's Chris Suellentrop joins the chorus of those claiming that Social Security is a "welfare" program. He does so explicitly: Liberals, for their part, aren't bereft of philosophy. They support Social Security because it's redistributive. In other words, it's welfare for old people. The politically correct term for this is "social insurance." To Suellentrop, Roosevelt's [Read More...]


Brad DeLong points us to this strange essay from Jonathan Rauch in The National Journal. Rauch notes that there is no "crisis" facing Social Security and that President Bush's proposals all seem like solutions in search of a problem. But then Rauch joins that search. Like a customer in a shoe store, he tries on [Read More...]

Yes, George W. Bush lied

George W. Bush lied yesterday. There's no other word for what he did, no wiggle room for his defenders or for people like Nick Kristof who feel that we should never, ever say "the president lied" just because the president lied. It wasn't a misstatement. It wasn't mere exaggeration. It wasn't a matter of his [Read More...]

Freshman housing

I live like a freshman I still have a roommate We walk to the Laundry – Jill Sobule, "Freshman" The National Low Income Housing Coalition has released the 2004 version of their annual report "Out of Reach" and found that … drumroll please … Poor people still can't afford to rent an apartment in America. [Read More...]

Faux crisis vs. fubarpocalypse

The paper does a daily online poll question. Yesterday's concerned President Bush's still-vague proposals for privatizing Social Security: "Do you favor individual investment accounts as a part of Social Security?" The response — 42% yes; 47% no; 12% uncertain — was somewhat hopeful, but I still found the question less than helpful, prompting this e-mail [Read More...]


"One of the tests of leadership at all levels of government is to confront problems before they become a crisis." That sounds like something one of George W. Bush's critics might say as an attack on the president's dismal fiscal track record, but it wasn't. It was President Bush himself, yesterday, in his speech concluding [Read More...]