How I beat the market

For my first job out of college, I was hired as a fund manager. Sort of. I landed an internship with a Protestant denomination as an assistant in their Social and Ethical Responsibility in Investments program. My official title was SER Associate, though around the office I was usually just called "the intern." Part of [Read More...]

How not to apply for a grant

I’m not usually in a position to say that I have more experience, knowledge and know-how than Ben Bernanke, but he really should’ve talked to somebody like me before heading to Capitol Hill yesterday to help Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson present a three-page memo asking for $700,000,000,000 of the public’s money. Three pages. Seriously: Under [Read More...]

Panic, therefore, panic!

When in the course of human events a purportedly democratic official demands that the people give him  $700,000,000,000 — no strings attached, by week’s end, or else — then the duly elected representatives of the people have one and only one responsible response: Say "No." Better yet, say "Hell no." $700 billion. Seven hundred billion [Read More...]

Olympian achievement

The Associated Press reports on a success story from Washington state, “Olympia [Wash.] mobile home park residents become owners“: Ten months after being told to pay $95,000 each for their lots or leave, the 30 residents of the College Street Mobile Home Park formed a cooperative and raised $1.7 million to buy the property with [Read More...]

Change the rules

So what we seem to have here is a no-win situation, a conflict between fundamental rights. Millions of people in America live in manufactured housing. Most of those people own their homes, but not the land underneath those homes. Those millions of people are thus in an extremely vulnerable situation. Landowners might evict these homeowners [Read More...]

Canada too

It seems that manufactured-home owners in Canada may be just as ill-served by their laws and governments as their U.S. counterparts. Here’s an article from British Columbia’s Ladysmith Chronicle, “Seaside residents lose arbitration“: Residents of Saltair’s Seaside Trailer Park will have to uproot by next May. Following a June 4 arbitration hearing in Victoria, Seaside [Read More...]

On the line

American Public Radio’s Media’s “Marketplace” yesterday featured a report on the unglamorous but eminently sensible technological apparatus known as the clothesline. You can read a transcript of the report at this link — “Clotheslines: Energy saver or eyesore?” — but you really owe it to yourself to click on the “listen to this story” link [Read More...]

FICO, FICO un day

The Associated Press apparently frowns on bloggers linking to AP news articles and quoting the first paragraph in its entirety. I’m about to do just that. It’s unavoidable in this instance, since my whole point in linking to this AP story by Christopher S. Rugaber is to note that it’s inaccurate, insulting and full of [Read More...]