Dives has apologized, Lazarus needs to learn how to forgive


The Parable of the Penitent Public Figure and the Unforgiving Patriarch Who Refused to Accept His Apology Like Jesus Commanded describes some very un-Christlike behavior on the part of Abraham and Lazarus. They don’t seem to understand that they have a duty to accept Dives’ apology and forgive him unconditionally. [Read more...]

Of bystanders and piety: How Billy Graham is like Henry Miller


It may seem odd to compare the famous evangelist Billy Graham with the infamous novelist Henry Miller. Topic of Cancer is probably not one of the books on the shelf in the Rev. Graham’s study. But a recent interview with Graham’s grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, reminded me of a story about Miller and George Orwell and the Spanish Civil War. [Read more...]

No more crying on Sundays

“And when he came and approached the house, he heard music and dancing. … Then he became angry and refused to go in.” — Luke 15 [Read more...]

The gospel of misogyny

Freeeeedommmmm! (Image via Uncyclomedia Commons)

Mark Driscoll’s so-called “apology” only reinforces and restates his gospel of misogyny. He apologizes for his tone and his language because, in his eyes, repeatedly comparing his targets to women is the worst possible thing anyone could say. Everything Driscoll identifies as bad, weak, dirty or evil he characterizes as feminine. Everything Driscoll identifies as feminine he characterizes as bad, weak, dirty or evil. He hasn’t apologized for that. He still doesn’t realize that is wrong. [Read more...]

Warning signs, how to help, and planning for safety


If you live in the Seattle area, there is help available. If you worship at a church in Seattle, there is help available. If you’re married to someone who works at a church in Seattle, there is help available. [Read more...]

‘I think religious preoccupation with abortion is largely about controlling the sexuality of women’


John H. Richardson’s remarkable Esquire profile of Dr. Willie Parker is going to make a lot of people very upset. I hope that at least a few of them read the whole thing without reflexively railing against Parker in the stale terms that he anticipates, and rebuts, throughout the article. Dr. Parker says many true things and no false ones. We should not be afraid to listen to this man. [Read more...]

‘Make disciples’: Actors, hitters, and Christians

Warner Bros. photo of Andy Serkis at work via Screen Crush article at link.

How Andy Serkis and Tony Gwynn can help us Christians understand the Great Commission and what it means to go and make disciples. [Read more...]

Idiot plots, purity culture, and the cruel gods of farce


Roger Ebert’s movie glossary defines an Idiot Plot as “Any plot containing problems that would be solved instantly if all of the characters were not idiots.” Hemant Mehta eyes the trailer for Christian-brand comedy The Virgins and doubts that an Idiot Plot can be redeemed simply by attributing the characters’ idiocy to religious devotion. “I grow restless,” Ebert said, when the [Read More...]