Honoring liars & silencing gays: The NRB epitomizes the toxic pathology of white evangelical tribalism


The NRB -- the National Religious Broadcasters association -- is an industry trade group. It's not a church or a denomination, but it has come to function like one. In America's white evangelical subculture, the NRB has come to function like a college of cardinals or a magisterium. This ecclesiastical power doesn't come from apostolic succession, or from some form of congregational democratic church polity. Nor does it come because they teach as one having authority, astounding their hearers … [Read more...]

I Don’t Want to Bring Adjustment to This World


Mega-church mega-nepotism beneficiary Matthew Hagee is a "Bible-prophecy" peddler whose politics fall somewhere to the right of the tea party, but the man can sing. Here's his latest, "I Don't Want to Get Adjusted," a Southern Gospel standard by Sanford Massengale. It's pleasant enough, even despite the clumsy hook, which riffs on, and mangles Romans 12:2: Like his dad, John Hagee, and like Tim LaHaye and every other "Bible prophecy scholar," Matt Hagee embraces an otherworldly religion … [Read more...]

‘Biblically correct in every way’


The Christian Post has an "exclusive" report on another upcoming Bible-themed movie: Tim Chey, the director behind the upcoming big-budget David and Goliath film, told The Christian Post in an exclusive interview that the project is set to be "biblically correct in every way," and that he hopes audiences will be moved to tears when they see it. That's a tall order, as it were, since presenting the story of Goliath while being "biblically correct in every way" will require Chey's movie to also … [Read more...]

‘God and the Gay Christian’ — live webchat today at noon


Matthew Vines is speaking truth to power and so, naturally, tribal gatekeepers are responding by speaking power to truth. You may remember Vines from a viral video posted to YouTube in 2012. That video has been viewed more than 700,000 times -- which is astonishing when you realize that, unlike most viral videos, it's more than an hour long and consists entirely of a lecture on biblical exegesis. It's not flashy, or (for the most part) funny. It's just an earnest, whip-smart young man who's … [Read more...]

Learn your tribal lingo: What it means to be branded ‘controversial’

Yes, they have gatekeepers in the UK too.

The UK's Evangelical Alliance has officially expelled one of Britain's largest evangelical organizations for insufficient anti-gayitude: "Major Ministry Kicked Out of Evangelical Alliance UK Over Homosexuality Stance." That link is to a Christianity Today report, but you probably already guessed that due to the white evangelical lingo in that headline. Where else are you going to find people obsessing about the importance of a proper and acceptable "Homosexuality Stance"? Christianity … [Read more...]

Tribal gatekeepers officially enshrine Phelpsian bigotry as ‘evangelical’ and ‘Too Christian’

The gospel according to Flip Benham -- and officially endorsed as "evangelical" by Christianity Today.

So, a Republican lobbyist has announced that "Christians Will Boycott Any NFL Team That Drafts Michael Sam." Memo to Jack Burkman: No. No, we won't. Memo No. 2: Being a Republican lobbyist doesn't automatically make you a spokesperson for all Christians. Or for any Christians. Side-bet No. 1: Whether Michael Sam is drafted, or signed as a free agent after the draft, I'll wager that his jersey outsells the jersey from any of the Top 10 picks. Care to take that bet, Burkman? Of … [Read more...]

For George Washington, #BringBackOurGirls meant something very different


Yesterday, on the 225th anniversary of the inauguration of President George Washington, politicians and prominent fundraisers of the religious right gathered in the U.S. Capitol for a civil-religious political rally called "Washington: A Man of Prayer." Hosted by Mike Huckabee, the two hour event featured a variety of elected leaders, such as Rep. Tim Huelskamp and Rep. Steve King, who spoke together from the podium. Huelskamp asserted that God is at the heart of America because there is a … [Read more...]

GOP Rep. Stacey Campfield, Obamacare, and the Israeli health system


It is foolish, offensive nonsense for politicians like Tennessee Republican state Rep. Stacey Campfield to compare the Affordable Care Act to the Holocaust. The former has provided access to affordable health insurance for millions of people. The latter murdered millions of people. This is not a small distinction. Campfield was reprimanded by his own party, but he's doubling-down, not backing down. Campfield is compounding his offensiveness with a further display of ignorance. "I think … [Read more...]