More on Wheaton, aka, ‘the white evangelical Faber’

Insightful commentary from theologians Miroslav Volf and J.R. Daniel Kirk, Paul Moses of “Commonweal,” Wheaton alumnus Marty Troyer, and from the other Wheaton College — the one in Massachusetts that didn’t hire a bunch of anti-Muslim bigots as administrators. [Read more...]

Breaking news: Wheaton College suspends King Christian X of Denmark for suggesting Christians and Jews worship the same God

Christian X was also a freemason, so that's two strikes for Wheaton.

How should Christian leaders respond to escalating violence and bigotry toward Muslims? The leaders of Wheaton College suggest the best course of action would be a monomaniacal focus on preposterous semantic hair-splitting premised on a willfully hostile and perverse reading of non-controversial remarks about the God of Abraham. I disagree. [Read more...]

Wheaton College suspends its own credibility


It’s impossible to see Wheaton College’s abrupt suspension of Prof. Hawkins as anything other than an obsequious, groveling attempt to appease Rich White Donors. And as a not-so-subtle threat to the rest of the faculty, staff and students to get in line and settle down. Or else. This is a sin. And a total dick move. [Read more...]

Creationists didn’t do all the reading


If you’ve ever taught a class with this kind of reading/discussion set up, you’ll likely recognize this maneuver. Or maybe you were a student in such a class and you were eager to get into something intriguing in chapter 6 and wound up frustrated that the whole session was spent parsing a few paragraphs in the first pages of chapter 1. Or maybe you were That Student — persistently dragging out the discussion of that first chapter and trying to run out the clock before anyone moves on to the other stuff you didn’t read and exposes you as unprepared. [Read more...]

‘If X is not wrong, then nothing is wrong’


Throughout all those years of refusing to admit that we had been wrong, and were still wrong — and of compounding that wrongness by failing to explore how and why we could have been so thoroughly, utterly, and monstrously wrong — white evangelical Christians sometimes tried to distract ourselves and others by changing the subject. We did this by borrowing Lincoln’s formula: “If X is not wrong, then nothing is wrong.” If we could find some other value for X — anything other than the enduring disgrace of our wrongness about slavery — then we could hope to reclaim some measure of moral credibility. [Read more...]

LifeWay Research gets it backwards on abortion


“Women Distrust Church on Abortion” reads the headline from the Southern Baptist LifeWay Research, announcing the results of a recent survey. This is precisely backwards. The truth is that LifeWay’s church distrusts women. They distrust women when it comes to abortion, and when it comes to almost everything else. [Read more...]

Church vs. the white evangelical direct-mail fundraising industry


But this church-y interest has relatively little influence within or over white evangelicalism as a whole. Its concerns are usually drowned out by the far-louder voices from the much larger platforms of the direct-mail fundraising industry and the donor-devoted institutions. And both of those factions are inextricably linked to Republican politics and thus, in 2015, to being predominantly and almost exclusively white. [Read more...]

The awkward ritual of having to condemn violence by people who believe your own rhetoric about Satanic baby-killers


Every once in a while, some disturbed person absorbs the language and logic of white evangelicalism’s Satanic baby-killer fantasies and, not realizing it’s all a disingenuous game, acts on it. “Pro-life” evangelicals are then forced to condemn that person’s actions in an awkward dance that forces them to admit, at least implicitly, that they do not take their own words and arguments seriously. [Read more...]