My interview with N.T. Wright on marriage equality

"Did this clown just invoke the NAZIS in his argument against civil rights for gays? WTF?"

Well, that was … disappointing. I apologize for presuming that Wright was going to have something thoughtful to say on this subject. If N.T. Wright ever does articulate a meaningful argument against same-sex marriage — one that doesn’t contradict the vast body of his impressive published theology — I will be sure to let you know here. [Read more...]

For God so loved the world


I had to re-read that several times before it finally sunk in that they were saying “standing between the world and your child” was supposed to be a good thing. The sad thing is that sentence is utterly true for A Beka Books’ target audience: “You’re the only thing standing between the world and your child.” The sick thing is that the next sentence doesn’t say, “So get the heck out of their way.” [Read more...]

‘Ambiguity proposes, preference disposes’: We have to choose


To read the Bible is to interpret the Bible, which is to say it requires us to choose between possible meanings. This choosing is constant and unavoidable. There is no such thing as reading the Bible without making such choices. Those who imagine that they are reading the Bible without choosing are simply choosing subconsciously, or unconsciously. [Read more...]

This is not good news. This is not salvation.


The man who wrote those words was surely, at some fundamental, essential level, wrong about the meaning of the good news and of salvation. And yet today, in 2014, the white evangelical understanding of good news and salvation is still shaped and bounded by the model and teachings of the man who wrote that passage. That’s a problem. [Read more...]

Prayer isn’t a game of ‘What’s My Line?’


This popular bit of folk-”wisdom” stunts and reduces prayer to a series of Yes or No questions. Those are the rules for panelists on What’s My Line? But that isn’t what prayer means. Prayer certainly can include requests that might be the sort of thing that could be responded to with a yes or a no, but that’s at most a tiny fraction of what Christians and Jews mean when we speak of prayer. [Read more...]

They took down that post


Leadership Journal is decidedly and determinedly an institution at the heart of white evangelical institutionalism. That’s not an arena where the voices of women are usually able to make themselves heard. Especially not young women (and “young,” in Christianity Today terms, means anybody under 50). And not young women who don’t have a market or media platform or any formal, institutional support. And most especially not young women who ask too many questions, or who are too vocally critical of white evangelical purity culture, or who do not have the proper Official Stance opposing LGBT people and feminism. [Read more...]

A preferential option for predators: Christianity Today hires the Rev. Humbert Humbert to serve as a spiritual adviser to its readers

Like Leadership Journal, the profilers on "Criminal Minds" seek to understand how sexual predators think. The difference is that these FBI agents don't consider ministering to those predators to be their No. 1 priority.

The premier magazine for white evangelical clergy is facing powerful criticism for its decision to publish the self-justifying rationalizations of a sexual predator, and for presenting ministry to such former ministers as the No. 1 priority when dealing with sexual abuse by clergy. In doing so, Christianity Today seemed to share, and to reinforce, the abuser’s disregard for his victims. [Read more...]

Feedly Hell


I do not believe in the existence of Hell, but I do believe in “Hell” in the biblical sense. My statement here — “There’s a very special room in Hell” for these hackers — employs the term in precisely that biblical sense, conveying no more and no less than what the small handful of biblical passages mentioning “Hell” also convey. [Read more...]