I’m glad Westboro Baptist is protesting meteorology


Our imagined “biblical stance” on meteorology changed in exactly the way that, for many American Christians, our “biblical stance” on biology never did. We Christians easily, almost imperceptibly, changed the way we understood all those Bible passages about the weather. But for many American Christians, doing the very same thing with all those Bible passages about the origins of life is portrayed as a grave and dangerous sin. [Read more...]

New e-booklet: ‘Long March of the Koalas (And other creationist adventures)’


It’s just 99 cents, and compiles many of the posts here addressing, assessing, unpacking, or just straight-up mocking, the pernicious ideology of young-Earth creationism. Yet somehow it only comes out to about 84 pages. That’s pretty succinct, considering just LISTING all the things that are wrong with young-Earth creationism would take thousands of pages more. [Read more...]

Come hear the music. Come join the dance.

Many others are out there, too, but they don’t share the older brother’s anger. They can hear the music and dancing inside and they want to go in to join the party. They really wish they could. But they’re convinced they’re not allowed to. They’re convinced the Bible says they’re not allowed to. [Read more...]

Invisible dancing after an invisible famine


As a young white evangelical, I didn’t remember hearing about any dancing in Jesus’ parable. If you’d asked me about it, I probably would’ve just assumed this dancing was a part of the prodigal son’s prodigality — one of the sinful, wicked things he squandered his fortune on while living sinfully and wickedly among the sinful, wicked outsiders. [Read more...]

White evangelical church-goers think their ‘science’ is better than the science those stupid scientists say is science


The Pew Research Center says a new survey shows “Highly religious Americans are less likely than others to see conflict between faith and science.” But the survey doesn’t show that at all. What it shows, rather, is that Real, True Christians also imagine they alone possess the Real, True Science. [Read more...]

Donald Trump, ‘Playboy,’ and when bigots were kids


The world is supposed to be just like it was before — back when we were kids. That means bedtime stories, playing in the back yard, prayer in schools, leaded gasoline and lousy lightbulbs, women and minorities who knew their place, gays in the closet, white men in the White House, and centerfolds in Playboy. [Read more...]

Do surgeons wear latex gloves in Catholic hospitals?


I’ve heard and seen this claim endlessly repeated by apparently well-meaning white evangelicals for decades. In their circles, this is something that Everyone Knows to be true — even though it’s completely false. And even though it’s transparently false — a bogus claim that can’t withstand even a momentary bit of scrutiny. [Read more...]

The various endings of the Gospel of Mark (part 2)


Inerrantists insist that we needn’t worry about the many examples of scribal errors, transcription mistakes, mistranslations in or out of Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German or English. God has been intervening, they say, providentially ensuring that our copies of copies of copies and our translations of translations of translations still allow us access to the original perfection of the long-lost inerrant biblical autographs. [Read more...]