Gatekeeper gatecrashes a wedding (stay classy, Get Religion)


The tribal guardians of evangelicalism want you to know that Jesus was “being literal” when he said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” And if anyone ever says otherwise, well then, the guardians will just have to escort that person into exile. The tribe, after all, must be kept pure, even if that means using somebody’s son’s wedding as a pretext for an inquisition. [Read more...]

Men on ‘Top’: ‘Where are all the Christian women bloggers?’


Kent Shaffer of Church Relevance says, “Almost every time I update the Top Church Blogs list, one question arises: ‘Where are all the Christian women bloggers?” Rest assured, he says, they “are not trying to exclude women” and they have “spent over 100 hours trying to find blogs written by women” that might qualify for their list. In this post, we offer them some help with that project. [Read more...]

One confusing story, two stories confused, and three versions of 10 commandments

Nifty photoshop fake via

Richard Beck tackles one of the stranger sections of the Bible — the deliriously weird passage in Genesis 6 about “the Nephilim.” I’ve never figured out what to make of this odd passage, which reads like a fragment from the Silmarillion. It’s one of the big flashing signals that these early chapters of Genesis do not invite or allow a “literal” reading in the style of modern-day American fundies. [Read more...]

I mean it, don’t make me turn this car around …

“Stop hitting your sister” is an inadequate statement in that it’s not a comprehensive argument for or against anything larger, yet nonetheless it sometimes needs to be said. Beliefs and character shape behavior, and in the big picture those are what matter most and thus what most need to be addressed. But in the short term, it is often necessary just to call out the bad behavior. [Read more...]

Young-earth creationism is no better than any other form of malicious gossip

"And it's not just the biologists and geologists and astronomers ... they're ALL in on it."

Young-earth creationism is no different than any other form of contemptuous gossip. Some play an active role — inventing the gossip, fabricating false witness against others, propagating those lies and aggressively seeking to deceive. But these active bearers of false witness are powerless without an audience. They cannot commit their sin unless they have the support of others who agree to listen — to accept such gossip without question and without challenge. Without such a receptive audience, malicious gossip cannot function. [Read more...]

25 nominees for the ‘Top 200 Church Blogs’ list


ChurchRelevance has once again updated its widely read list of the “Top 200 Church Blogs.” It’s still not clear what that category of “church blogs” means, exactly, but it’s nice to see some of my favorites getting some recognition. On the other hand, the list’s confusing criteria also left out many of my favorites. So here’s my list of nominees for the next update — 25 great Christian blogs that really deserve a place on any such list. [Read more...]

‘The Right Club’ and what offends God


A local church goes tribal in reaction to an atheist billboard. Here’s what their failed attempt at a snappy comeback tells us about the difference between serving God and scoring points for Team God. And that verse — “Fools say in their hearts, ‘There is no God’” — really needs to be read in the context of the whole chapter, because Psalm 14 isn’t about God being offended by atheist billboards. [Read more...]

3 things you can do if you want to be a big jerk


Here are a few recent stories in which various people — including some public officials — demonstrate how to be a really big jerk. I don’t recommend being a big jerk, mind you, but if that’s your goal, then study these stories carefully. These folks are putting on a clinic in jerkitude. 1. Walk into [Read More...]