Study reveals church-goers give more to churches than people who don’t go to church give to those churches

Here’s a headline from Christianity Today: “Religious States Donate More to Charity Than Secular States.” It’s about a new report from the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The problem with that headline is that, well, that’s not actually what the study says. From CT’s Melissa Steffan: According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Americans in Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, [Read More...]

When ‘evangelism’ intends to alienate and exclude

That Truth for Youth culture-war Bible we discussed yesterday is destined to be poorly received. I think that’s by design. The purpose of this new, improved Bible, allegedly, is to “reach youth with the gospel.” By the “gospel,” unfortunately, these folks mean the culture-war gospel — not the good news of Jesus the Christ, but [Read More...]

Culture warriors produce a new, improved Bible

bible cover

Fundamentalist Christians are fond of the final verses of the book of Revelation: The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints. No, not that one, of course. They don’t tend to think of “grace” as a defining characteristic of the Lord Jesus. Nor do they believe such grace should be extended to [Read More...]

‘Inerrancy’ is not a victimless crime

The doctrine of “inerrancy” is often referred to as a “high view of scripture.” It is not. It’s a low-down dirty trick to play on the Bible and on anyone who tries to read it. Inerrancy is not a victimless crime. It chases some people away from the Bible and prevents others from reading it [Read More...]

Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection

Russell Crowe as Noah, Earl of Locksley

I’ve mentioned before that I love the story of Rainbow Crow, the beautiful Lenape tale of how the crow got its black feathers and hoarse, croaking caw. It’s a terrific story. But I do not want to see “Rainbow Crow: The Movie.” The story is perfect as it is — as a story that can [Read More...]

An invitation to participate in a community of deception

Recently in comments, we were invited to participate in a community of deception. The entry-point was a false statement: The healthcare mandate that passed and went into effect on August 1st does in fact compel abortion funding. This is not true. This is not arguably true. It is not ambiguous. It’s simply a false statement [Read More...]

Cruciform dildo-swords decorate church lawn in Tennessee


Those are not crosses on the lawn of Grace Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tenn. The man in this photo, Mack Richards, explained that to reporter Scott Broden of The Tennessean. Richards, photographed here by the newspaper’s John A. Gillis, explained that these giant cruciform objects on his church’s lawn are actually anti-crosses. “It was more [Read More...]

Sex and theology

One of the massive and ongoing projects in Christian theology is the filtering out of all the Neo-Platonism we’ve been ingesting ever since St. Augustine spiked the punch bowl with that stuff. Intrepid blogger Dianna Anderson tackles a smaller, but similar project — trying to explain to American evangelicals that C.S. Lewis’ pervasive Platonism isn’t [Read More...]