Ross Douthat’s ‘concern-trolling for liberal Christianity’

There have been a host of excellent responses to what Ed Kilgore accurately calls “Ross Douthat’s latest bout of concern-trolling for liberal Christianity.” Kilgore was not impressed, writing: Instead of lecturing “liberal Christians” about our alleged lack of serious spirituality and advising us on how to put more posteriors in the pews and more money [Read More...]

‘Suburban’ is not the same as ‘theologically conservative’


Let me follow up on one point in the previous post. Over the past, say, 60 years or so, America has become increasingly suburban. Those churches that rose to prominence in city centers have declined in prominence along with their cities, while suburban forms of church have grown along with the suburbs. Ross Douthat’s attempt [Read More...]

‘Hi, I’m looking for a Christian book …’

Ring. “LifeWay Christian Bookstore, how may I help you?” “Hi, I’m looking for a Christian book.” “Well, you’ve called the right place. What’s the title? I’ll see if I can find it for you.” “It’s called The Brothers Karamazov.” “The Brothers …?” “Karamazov. With a ‘K.’ It’s by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.” “Well, let’s see. I’m not [Read More...]

‘Christian bookstores’ and the unsustainable bubble of the evangelical subculture

Some evangelical “gatekeepers” imagine they can still control the boundaries of their subculture and thereby can continue to control the lives and souls and thoughts and imaginations of those within it. Or, if you prefer to put the most charitable spin on it, these gatekeepers imagine they can still guard the boundaries of that subculture [Read More...]

Permission granted, officially


Thinking a bit more about “Maybe God is a better person than you think,” I was struck by the sadness of that situation. It must be an awful thing to believe that God will not allow you to be as loving, merciful and generous as you wish you could be. It must be an awful [Read More...]

Maybe God is a better person than you think

Jesus Creed serves up a guest post by Jeff Cook on one of my least favorite topics: “apologetics” and those awful show-debates between Christians and new atheists. I love dialogue, I do not love this approach to “debate.” It turns the conversation into a matter of winning and pushes participants away from their complementary quest [Read More...]

Is God free to decide to cherish a gum thief?

Derek Flood offers a mini-sermon on “Sin and Chewing Gum“: Yesterday, I was walking through Dolores Park and heard a street preacher, saying “If you’ve ever stolen a stick of gum, then you are guilty of sin! If you’ve ever looked at Facebook at work, then you’ve stolen from your employer, and that’s sin!” Of [Read More...]

If you believe the logo’s Man on the Moon

Darrell at Stuff Fundies Like writes: A fundamentalist can survive without many things such as the friendship of those in his community or the pleasures of his current culture but no fundamentalist can go very long without A Cause to champion. For the wiles of the devil infect every corner of our universe and we [Read More...]