Sex and theology

One of the massive and ongoing projects in Christian theology is the filtering out of all the Neo-Platonism we’ve been ingesting ever since St. Augustine spiked the punch bowl with that stuff. Intrepid blogger Dianna Anderson tackles a smaller, but similar project — trying to explain to American evangelicals that C.S. Lewis’ pervasive Platonism isn’t [Read More...]

‘Stuff that you long ago forgot isn’t general public knowledge’

“What do Christian fundamentalists have against set theory?” asks Maggie Koerth-Baker at BoingBoing. She goes on to answer why — basically for the same reason that Christian fundamentalists do everything: Us-vs.-Them tribalism. But don’t let me spoil the ending, go read the whole thing (the kicker is terrific). What I want to highlight here, though, [Read More...]

Close enough

“Well, the Barth, Theology, Philosophy and Barth. That’s not got much Barth in it.” “Getting together to sing and listen to a long sermon has never been the attraction.” “Politicized religion provides a substrate of beliefs that rationalizes — at least in the minds of its followers — all three of the GOP’s main tenets: [Read More...]

Religious right groups jump at chance to shield members from seeing books

Concerned Women for America and the American Family Association are both urging their followers to think twice about shopping at Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos upset the anti-gay activist groups by donating $2.5 million to protect marriage equality in Washington State. “So long Amazon” was the message from “One Million Moms” (which David Badash, accurately, [Read More...]

Religious right pretends that Obama has a ‘God-talk’ problem

So here’s a common urban legend on the religious right, stated here by Phyllis Schlafly: Every time [President Obama] recites the Declaration of Independence, he omits the word “Creator.” Now we all know what’s in the Declaration and it’s very strange, you can’t blame it on a slip of the tongue or blame it on [Read More...]

Defending Franklin Graham by smearing his father

If the "real" Billy Graham is nothing like his public persona over the years, then maybe he secretly hated Johnny Cash.

Back in May, I asked “Is Billy Graham being exploited for political gain?” Following that post — and then again following my post earlier this week, “Billy Graham did not go to Chick-fil-A (and he didn’t tell you to go there either)” –  a few people wrote comments or emails “defending” Billy Graham. “Defending” is [Read More...]

Battling imaginary Satanic baby-killers in Utah and Ohio

This is a disingenuous diatribe against Satanic baby-killers that exist only as an urban legend. And so is this. Here, again, is self-proclaimed “authority on Satanists,” Judy Byington: Secret ceremonies in which malevolent men and women cloaked in hooded robes, hiding behind painted faces and chanting demonic incantations while inflicting sadistic wounds on innocent children [Read More...]

Setting the world on fire for Jesus

Screen shot 2012-08-07 at 7.05.41 PM

Perhaps you’ve seen the video. A peculiar fellow in a pink shirt stands on the lawn in front of General Mills headquarters. He holds a box of Honey Nut Cheerios and a propane torch. The man says: One out of every eight boxes of cereal in this country is Cheerios. This is really the treat [Read More...]