Answers in Genesis teaches how not to read a story

In Nature, Andrew Curry offers a fascinating overview of the recent developments in the study of when humans first came to live in the Americas. The article is titled, “Ancient migration: Coming to America“: For most of the past 50 years, archaeologists thought they knew how humans arrived in the New World. The story starts [Read More...]

Is Billy Graham being exploited for political gain?


Both Alvin McEwen and Jan Edmiston wonder if the Rev. Billy Graham is being exploited and manipulated. The iconic evangelist, who is now 93 years old and has been in poor health, has a long history of avoiding taking sides on partisan political disputes, fearing that doing so would distract from his primary concern of [Read More...]

Three commentaries on N.C. that are far more moral than Billy Graham’s cruel embrace of ignorance

Each of these commentators also offers a far better understanding of the Bible than you’ll find in Billy Graham’s shameful, pandering advertisements. … Leonard Pitts Jr.: “Don’t Blame the Bible“ Sometimes, people hide inside the Bible. That is, they use the Christian holy book as authority and excuse for biases that have nothing to do [Read More...]

‘Ex-gay’ conferences on the wane

It seems that Exodus International has canceled an upcoming conference due to lack of interest. The “ex-gay” ministry has had a difficult time recovering from the latest wave of relapses and public admissions that it doesn’t actually work. Exodus International has decided there were not enough people interested in attending their Love Won Out conference [Read More...]

The ‘Big Four’ markers of the evangelical tribe

Not all of the Big Four carry equal weight. I’ve commended Jonathan Dudley’s excellent book, Broken Words, for his frank and insightful assessment of the four tribal markers that characterize the boundaries of American evangelicalism: abortion, homosexuality, evolution and environmentalism. Opposition to all four of those constitutes evangelical tribal identity. Such opposition need not be [Read More...]

The boundaries of the evangelical tribe are political

David Sessions offers some interesting thoughts on the Rev. Billy Graham’s unusual decision to aggressively enter a partisan political dispute — “Why Moderate Billy Graham Supports North Carolina Gay Marriage Ban“: But what appears to be a departure for Graham actually illustrates an ongoing dilemma for evangelical Christians: the fact that they’ve realized they need [Read More...]

David Barton says things that are not true

“Who is David Barton?” CNN’s Dan Gilgoff asks. And then Gilgoff refuses to answer his own question. Instead, Gilgoff retreats into a wretched, flaccid display of false-equivalence, view-from-nowhere, opinions-on-the-shape-of-earth-differ non-journalism. “Barton’s work has drawn many critics,” Gilgoff writes, in lieu of actual journalism. That’s a remarkable sentence. It’s like saying, “Bernie Madoff’s investment skills have [Read More...]

Billy Graham launches campaign to smear Billy Graham


During the previous civil rights era, those seeking moral guidance were far better served by turning to Harry Belafonte than by turning to the Rev. Billy Graham. For those seeking moral guidance today, Billy Graham remains a disappointment. You’re better off turning to Bob Mould and Jeff Tweedy (or to Laurelyn Dossettt or to whoever [Read More...]