My Ween it has a first name, it's J-E-S-U-S

This is a terrible idea: the Jesus Ween Project (via). As in turning “Halloween” into “Jesus-ween.” “Ween” is not a suffix, but this is the least of my objections. That’s right, they want Christians to give out Bibles and devotional books instead of candy to trick-or-treaters. Remember being 11 years old and going door to [Read More...]

Evangelicals vs. science

When the Evangelical Environmental Network first launched, the core of our message was simple: If you love the Creator, you ought to care for the creation. I still find the logic of that message compelling and unassailable. If you believe that God made this world, then love of God ought to entail a corresponding love [Read More...]

Postpremillennial politics

Sharp-eyed students of American pop-eschatologies may have noticed an inconsistency in the views I’ve attributed to Republican presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann. The previous post cites a couple of examples of Bachmann repeating the sorts of conspiracy theories popular among “Bible prophecy” premillennial dispensationalist fans. Yet in an earlier post — “If Michelle Bachmann doesn’t [Read More...]

Love in action

It’s not easy to tell the difference between a survey reporting a change in behavior patterns and a survey reflecting the same behavior, but a change in respondents’ willingness to be honest with pollsters. The latter is my guess as to what’s really revealed in the studies cited in Tyler Charles’ Relevant magazine article “(Almost) [Read More...]

'The last thing I'd do is condemn you'

Last month I was surfing a bit at The Blacklisted Journalist — an awkwardly designed website hosting the writings of Al Aronowitz. I was looking for his August Blues, which is a lovely thing: August is the month when wars start. It’s when the water dries up and the spirit begins to wither. Insomniacs pull [Read More...]

'Heather' is pushing 30

Mega-church pastor, televangelist and “Bible prophecy” peddler John Hagee really needs to update his stock sermon about how America is turning into Sodom and Gomorrah due to the secular humanism threatening the safety of our good, godly children. Seriously, John Hagee’s “Faith Under Fire” sermon rallying the persecuted majority reads like he wrote it during [Read More...]

Rich Dominionists in an Age of Hypocrisy

My first up-close and personal encounter with the dominionists came back during the days I was working for Ron Sider, the Mennonite theologian and activist best known as author of the book Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger. That book, first published in 1977, lays out the massive biblical case for economic justice and [Read More...]

That's how the light gets in

It’s not the years, it’s the mileage. Alisa Harris may seem a bit young to be publishing a memoir, but while she can’t look back on a long life, she can reflect on a long journey. Harris proves a lively and insightful guide to that journey, which begins with her childhood in the activist infantry [Read More...]