Earning their millstone necklaces

Matthew 18: 5-6 (KJV): “Whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” First stop, [Read More...]

Marilynne Robinson vs. evangelical tribalism

“We live in a time when the claiming of a religious identity has become more important than abiding in what that truth implies,” Marilynne Robinson said last month at the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College. That “claiming of a religious identity” and the elevating of it above the meaning, content or substance [Read More...]

Harvey Haddix’s religion must be inferior

earth day snl

Here’s a pic of the great Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live (pinched from Crooks & Liars). If you understand why that’s funny, then you’ll also understand why this is also (unintentionally) funny, from Christianity Today’s liveblog — “Humber Games: Christian Pitcher Is Perfect.” The subhead asks, “Is White Sox’s Phil Humber the new Jeremy [Read More...]

Science and the evangelical tribe


RJS at Jesus Creed reports on the recent Theology of Celebration Workshop hosted by the Biologos Foundation, reported on by Christianity Today as a gathering of “evangelical evolutionists.” As RJS notes, that’s an unsatisfying label, but I suppose it works as a reminder that there are, in fact, evangelical theologians who do not deny evolution. [Read More...]

What I mean by evangelical ‘tribalism’

In a recent guest-post at Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like blog, Paul Angone wrote about the evangelical subculture’s enthusiasm for “Claiming Musicians as One of Us.” If you’ve ever been a part of this subculture, then you know exactly what Angone is talking about. If not, just think of the fervent evangelical fandom that’s sprung [Read More...]

The immaculate connections

I am deeply impressed by Stacey Dames latest blog entry at the Christian Post. It’s titled: “Madonna’s New Age End Time Satanism…it is reappearing in these end days. IT DID NOT BEGIN WITH THE SUPERBOWL.” I can’t begin to know how to describe such things, but this is one of the best examples of whatever-it-is [Read More...]

Creationism chases people out of church

“Ken Ham is slowly killing the American church,” writes Joel Watch at Unsettled Christianity. Kurt Willems agrees, posting a video at his Pangea blog in which he says “Preaching Against Evolution in Evangelical Churches Creates Atheists.” I’d qualify Willems’ statement a bit. Preaching against evolution in evangelical churches doesn’t create atheists — it creates not-evangelicals. [Read More...]

‘Harmful, domineering and controlling’

David Moore at the Burner blog really, really, really does not like Mark Driscoll’s new book about marriage. Moore is not a feminist, or even an “egalitarian,” but he still finds: “This book is an astoundingly unbelievable work of disrespect for women.” It’s good to see that assessment coming from that corner of the evangelical [Read More...]