Chik-fil-A flustercluck link roundup

“I mean, it’s so unhealthy it’s probably killed more Southerners than crystal meth, Gen. Sherman, and illegal fireworks combined … but it’s undeniably tasty.” “The folks at FRC lie about the LGBT community and they spread hatred. Not mere disagreement, but actual hatred.” “Do all of my economic decisions ascribe to a morally perfect model? [Read More...]

The Chik-fil-A Flustercluck: What’s Next?

For all the buzz about “boycotting” Chik-fil-A, we haven’t really seen anything that formally organized yet. Basically, thus far, what we’ve seen is a big corporation telling part of the public that “We don’t want your money here,” and that part of the public unsurprisingly responding “OK, then, you can’t have it.” This latest corporate [Read More...]

‘Stance’ vs. substance: why evangelicals are confused about the actual harm Chik-fil-A is doing to actual people

Inside the world of American evangelicalism, one must always have the proper stance. Stances, actually, plural, as one must have the proper stance on a whole host of subjects. “What is your stance on X?” is a common question in the subculture, with X including a wide variety of litmus tests such as abortion, homosexuality, [Read More...]

Evangelicalism and ‘time wasted in disabuse’

Ta-Nehisi Coates is discussing an unrelated topic here, but his analogy captures the frustration with the evangelical subculture that caused me to leave my work in that world 12 years ago: Consider this: what if you were a medievalist and the majority of your public simply refused to accept that Charlemagne ever existed. Indeed, what [Read More...]

Phyllis Schlafly confuses urban legend with truth, Arlington with Europe

This is Arlington National Cemetery. Those are not crosses.

Phyllis Schlafly says that President Obama is planning to remove the crosses at Arlington Cemetery: You were talking a minute ago about Arlington Cemetery; if you haven’t been there, I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of all the crosses there and I just wonder if the day is going to come when they want to take [Read More...]

Robot Eurythphro and news from the religious right

“And a good day to you, Robot Euthyphro.” If you’re not familiar with the original, you can read it here. Go ahead, it’s short, and funnier than you might expect. (For best results: Imagine Peter Falk in the role of Socrates.) I found the video above after reading Libby Anne’s response to a column by [Read More...]

And they’ll know we are Christians by our T-shirt logos

The Jesus-fish trucker hat: for those who can't think of any other way to show the world that they are Christians.

“Make your view of Scripture as high as possible, but not higher.” “Why would one not intervene when somebody gives gullible people sewage to drink?” “You go ahead and use the wisdom from the Bible to work on Kirk Cameron’s marriage.” “The determination to double down on a floundering doctrine is driven by a conviction [Read More...]

Wheaton College, C.S. Lewis & Bad Jackie: On preferring the nightmare to reality

One unappealing possibility is that Philip Ryken, president of Wheaton College, is making his clumsy debut as a culture-warrior because he is nothing more than a lying hack. I hope that isn’t the case. I hope he is not simply posturing about Satanic baby-killers to stroke his own pride or to feed his addiction to [Read More...]