Better learn how to kneel …


Christian Piatt has posted his 16th collection of “Church Sign Epic Fails” (with links to the previous 15 installments). Reading through Christian’s series, and through the many similar signs regularly featured by Matthew Paul Turner [link fixed] (including the one pictured here), some patterns become clear. I find myself wanting to create taxonomies for various [Read More...]

The Voice of Christian Youth America ties it all together

This is the Voice of Christian Youth. Kids these days.

“Avi Lipkin” has to be a poe. He’s got to be some kind of performance artist — an absurdist chameleon like Andy Kaufmann or Sacha Baron Cohen. Because no one could possibly really believe the things “Avi Lipkin” says. Even the most gullible rubes in right-wing AM Christian radio can’t really be buying what he’s [Read More...]

On evangelism: Hattie Durham, the Demon Deacon and loving your neighbor

This started as a footnote to today’s Left Behind post, which touches on the horrible way the heroes of those books treat poor Hattie Durham. The way Rayford and Buck treat Hattie reminds me a bit of the way David Wright and a pair of SportsCenter hosts treat the sad Wake Forest mascot in this [Read More...]

The evangelical bubble cannot be sustained (part 2)

A standard line of argument for sex education says that if young people aren’t taught the actual facts of the facts of life, then they’ll just wind up learning about it “on the streets.” The idea there is that kids want the truth and they need and deserve to hear it. The desire to protect [Read More...]

The evangelical bubble cannot be sustained (part 1)

The following unrelated items are not unrelated: 1. Latebloomer, who writes at Past Tense, Present Progressive, tells a familiar story about being an inquisitive kid in the insular world of American fundamentalist Christianity: I was in the middle of writing a homeschool high school essay called “Why I Believe What I Believe,” and one of [Read More...]

A businessman-missionary’s ‘model of capitalism for third-world societies’

John Fea points us to Darren Dochuk’s fascinating Journal of American History article, “Blessed by Oil, Cursed with Crude: God and Black Gold in the American Southwest.” Plenty of interesting stuff there about the intersection of evangelical Christianity and the birth and growth of the oil industry. This is something that’s had an influence on [Read More...]

P.S.: Please don’t eat the chimpanzee


Surfing around for an image to enlist for the previous post on the story of Peter’s vision from Acts 10-11, I came across some rather odd bits of artwork. Like this one, for example, from a Sunday school curriculum illustrating the story. Acts 10 says Peter fell into a trance and: “saw the heaven opened [Read More...]

Slavery and same-sex marriage (cont’d.)

Stephen Prothero’s CNN op-ed from earlier this month titled “On gay marriage, Obama, Billy Graham and a tale of 2 Christianities” touches on some of the points in the previous post here. Prothero notes that the Rev. Billy Graham (or, at least, his children on his behalf) spoke out against marriage equality in North Carolina, [Read More...]