Creationism chases people out of church

“Ken Ham is slowly killing the American church,” writes Joel Watch at Unsettled Christianity. Kurt Willems agrees, posting a video at his Pangea blog in which he says “Preaching Against Evolution in Evangelical Churches Creates Atheists.” I’d qualify Willems’ statement a bit. Preaching against evolution in evangelical churches doesn’t create atheists — it creates not-evangelicals. [Read More...]

‘Harmful, domineering and controlling’

David Moore at the Burner blog really, really, really does not like Mark Driscoll’s new book about marriage. Moore is not a feminist, or even an “egalitarian,” but he still finds: “This book is an astoundingly unbelievable work of disrespect for women.” It’s good to see that assessment coming from that corner of the evangelical [Read More...]

‘And our new religion is All-American!’

Josh Langhoff of Burnside Writers Collective picks the CCM Album of the Year for 2011: The Book of Mormon: I don’t want to oversell the spiritual import of a show that’s essentially one hilarious provocation after another. On the other hand, maybe that’s a clue to where more [contemporary Christian music] should aim. Little of [Read More...]

Millennials will change the future of the church

First let me tell you a story from almost 20 years ago. My buddy Dwight and I were arguing over what I was going to wear to a meeting. “I’m not a catcher,” I told him. Catchers have to wear their baseball caps backwards because of the mask. But if you’re not a catcher and [Read More...]

Free Will Baptists respond to racist congregation

I want to give some credit to the National Association of Free Will Baptists for responding quickly to an eruption of ugly racism in one of its congregations. You may recall that last month the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church of Pike County, Ky., voted to ban interracial couples from joining the church or participating [Read More...]

Rick Perry determined to make evangelicals as ridiculous and unpopular as he is

Rick Perry's ridiculous ad has, appropriately, been the subject of ridicule.

“Perry Ad Attacks Gay Rights in Appeal to Iowa’s Evangelicals” says the headline from The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire site. It’s a reference to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s latest campaign ad, in which he not only “attacks gay rights,” but also attacks the separation of church and state and the religious freedom of any [Read More...]

Chuck Colson and the evangelical idea of avoiding vice by avoiding virtue

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. – James 1:27 (NIV) The above passage, I think, provides the key to understanding American evangelical Christianity. For American evangelicals, the emphasis is all [Read More...]

Forbidden voices

There are more of us than you think. Dianna E. Anderson: “On Why the Bible is Not Clear“ On many controversial issues, especially those concerning women, the Bible is not “clear” and it is disingenuous, unfair, and hurtful to claim so without providing explained support. … Claiming “the Bible is clear” on something is a [Read More...]