I couldn’t read Tozer because I didn’t find him funny

Andi Cumbo lists five reasons that trying to read A.W. Tozer makes her grumpy. These are five good reasons. And they overlap. The literalism, arrogance and lack of empathy all feed into one another and reinforce one another. Cumbo writes that she has “tried for years” to read Tozer, and that she remains hopeful that [Read More...]

Tribalism and the cruelly weird idea of zero-sum human rights

Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera said this recently on a conservative radio show: All of a sudden Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have turned the United States into a pro-homosexual regime and it’s just despicable. That’s as clear an expression as you’ll find of the zero-sum notion of human rights that underlies so much of the [Read More...]

On Christianity and marriage equality (part 3)

“The future looks grim for the anti-gay moralists.” “In 2005 the Supreme Court made sodomy legal in all 50 states and since then there have been absolutely no reports of anyone turning into a pillar of salt.” “The most important cultural change that has increased support for same-sex marriage is the equality revolution within heterosexual [Read More...]

On Christianity and marriage equality (part 2)

More smart and wise recent posts from those of us kicking against the pricks. Sarah Bessey: “I’m an evangelical Christian. And I think same-sex marriage should be legal” As someone raised in a post-Christian culture, now living in a post-same-sex-marriage culture, AND as someone that is a heterosexual evangelical Christian herself, I think that same-sex [Read More...]

On Christianity and marriage equality (part 1)

While I was off watching lots of exciting rugby, many smart people were writing about the fight for marriage equality and full civil rights for LGBT people and, specifically, the role of American Christianity in that struggle. Here are several smart recent posts on the topic. Bert Montgomery: “The Church and the New Civil Rights [Read More...]

The battle against the culture wars II

More smart people saying more smart things about the “culture wars” and the culture warriors who fight them. Chris Clarke: “An open letter to the right wing in the wake of the passage of Amendment One in N.C.“ We are people who would really rather be left alone to live our lives. And we would [Read More...]

The battle against the culture wars

Three smart people saying smart things about the “culture wars.” John Aravosis: “Mr. Cantor, your culture war is my life“ Brad Dayspring, the former spokesman for the number two Republican in the US House, Eric Cantor, had the following to say about President Obama’s support for same-sex marriage: “With the economy in stagnation and crippling [Read More...]

Answers in Genesis teaches how not to read a story

In Nature, Andrew Curry offers a fascinating overview of the recent developments in the study of when humans first came to live in the Americas. The article is titled, “Ancient migration: Coming to America“: For most of the past 50 years, archaeologists thought they knew how humans arrived in the New World. The story starts [Read More...]