Slavery and same-sex marriage (cont’d.)

Stephen Prothero’s CNN op-ed from earlier this month titled “On gay marriage, Obama, Billy Graham and a tale of 2 Christianities” touches on some of the points in the previous post here. Prothero notes that the Rev. Billy Graham (or, at least, his children on his behalf) spoke out against marriage equality in North Carolina, [Read More...]

Slavery, seafood, sexuality and the Southern Bible

Do you see anything at all in that sheet about race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality? No, you do not. And that is why, despite what Peter says, his vision was only just God's way of telling him that it was OK to eat elephants, giraffes and snakes. Obviously.

I’ve written many times here about Peter’s vision of the treyf smorgasbord in the book of Acts (most recently here, and earlier here). I love that story, which is why I’ve linked to those chapters from Acts, reprinted them here, and summarized them many times. It’s a terrific story from the Christian Bible and I [Read More...]

‘Eve-teasers’ inside and outside the church

In Bangladesh, apparently, the sexual harassment of women is called “Eve teasing.” This social problem exists everywhere be it in rural or in urban areas. One of the main reasons of girls being married off at an early age or them dropping out of school is “eve teasing.” Many times these incidents lead to violence [Read More...]

Exposing the shameful secrets of Charles Worley’s fundamentalism

Fundamentalism thrives on isolation from and opposition to the world — isolation from and opposition to the rest of society, to other people, to The Other, to everyone else. The despicable Charles Worley and his Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina illustrates this opposition. But the fact that we know about Worley, that we’ve [Read More...]

Charles L. Worley seems to be training others to be just a awful as he is

OK, it’s getting late in the day and my plan of cooling down to a calm, rational tone to discuss this still isn’t working. So let’s discuss the Rev. Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C. Actually, let’s just make that Charles L. Worley — there’s nothing “reverend” about this bastard, [Read More...]

Barton, Larson, Fischer: Checking in with the Liars for Jesus

Historian John Fea asks: “Is it time to gather Christian historians together to sign some kind of formal statement condemning Barton’s brand of propaganda and hagiography?” Easy question. The answer is “yes.” David Barton is a liar and a con-man who poses as a Christian historian.* That’s bad for the reputation of all Christians and [Read More...]

Trap streets, voting for Jesus, and eschatological justice

Mark Evanier encounters what seems to be a trap street. I wrote about trap streets a few years ago in “The Street That Wasn’t There.” Here’s the footnote from that post: The disparity between map and terrain forced me to make that distinction, and to recognize the possibility of that distinction, which wasn’t something the [Read More...]

On Christianity and marriage equality (part 4)

Christians who oppose equality are losing the argument. That’s why they’re so loud. Kathy Escobar: “Unless we’re all free, none of us is free” Christians should be leading the way on equality in absolutely every area, yet we all know that on the whole, we are lagging behind, stuck in white privilege & imbalanced power [Read More...]