Settling accounts

While we're on this subject I want to mention a pet peeve of mine — a phrase frequently employed by Al Mohler and other proponents of creation-ism. It's a phrase that bothers me as a lover of the Bible and of stories and of words. That phrase is "the creation account" or "the creation account [Read More...]

More on Mohler

Some felt I was being unfair to Al Mohler in this recent post by stating his position in an unflatteringly blunt way. As a general rule, it is best — both kindest and most constructive — to try to restate the positions of those with whom we disagree in terms they would accept. But I'm [Read More...]

Al Mohler: Seller of defective maps

Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, believes that the Bible is a book of lies. The test of a Christian, Mohler argues, is if they remain loyal to those lies — choosing them rather than the truth no matter how clear and irrefutable that truth may be, no matter how hard reality beats [Read More...]

Bearing fruit

I think Frank Schaeffer oversimplifies and overstates his case here, but he's also right in identifying a major contributing factor to the American tea party movement and its influence on the recent election. To understand this movement and this election, Schaeffer says, you have to understand "the End Times folks." Specifically, he argues, you have [Read More...]

The fatted calf is delicious, you should come inside and join the party

"No one has ever seen God," the first epistle of John says. "Those who say 'I love God,' and hate their brothers or sisters, are liars; for those who do not love a brother or sister whom they have seen cannot love God whom they have not seen. The commandment we have from him is [Read More...]

Wow. I mean, just … wow.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Republican Christine O’Donnell, a candidate for the United States Senate, is unfamiliar with those 16 words.     P.S.: I’ll be getting the belated LBMonday post up late tonight sometime Wednesday. Sorry for the delay on that. [Read more...]

Preached down to four

Clarence Jordan, the late founder of Koinonia Farm (the community that gave us Habitat for Humanity), used to tell a story that nicely illustrates the importance of "Test everything. Hold on to the good." In the 1950s, an old hillbilly preacher invited Jordan to come and speak at his church in rural South Carolina. Jordan [Read More...]

Hold on to the good

This post is addressed to one person in particular and I'm afraid I don't know his name. Your name. Your aunt, unfortunately, didn't mention either your name or hers when she drunk-dialed me Thursday to let me know I was at the top of the list of Bad People she's praying against due to my [Read More...]