The Alliance Defense Fund is fighting for its life. It's current case — defending the constitutionality of California's anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 — cuts to the heart and soul of this organization and, indeed, to the core and essence of the religious right groups who came together to create it. The ADF was founded as [Read More...]

Dear Pat Robertson, STFU

Several elegant responses to Pat Robertson's latest obscenities have already been posted. See, for example: 1. Adam Serwer at Tapped (via), who cites a pertinent passage from Frederick Douglass. 2. Haitian Ambassador Raymond Joseph on Rachel Maddow. Shorter Raymond Joseph: Haiti to America — You're welcome. Glad to see you're enjoying Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, [Read More...]

Family Feud

So imagine a survey asking respondents to name their No. 1 favorite baseball team. Now imagine this survey is sent out to every member of the Yankees Fan Club. And that the bylaws of the Yankees Fan Club explicitly state that any member not naming the Yankees as their No. 1 favorite baseball team will [Read More...]

Beyond belief

Over at Pandagon, Amanda Marcotte is rightly irked by a peculiar verbal tic employed by many American evangelical Christians when expressing their disapproval of homosexuality. In a post mainly celebrating the milestone election this month of an openly gay mayor in Houston — Houston, Texas – she quotes from an article on the election in [Read More...]

The fatuous foolishness of the Manhattan Declaration

I had meant to conclude with a final post on this subject reserved simply for laughing at the Manhattan Declaration and the comical preening of its pompous prose.  It provides a hilarious, real-world example of the kind of wince-inducing misplaced self-importance and lack of perspective that I've always enjoyed when it's performed by people like [Read More...]

Pulling a Lieberman

First let me say a word in praise and defense of my former boss, my professor, mentor and friend Ron Sider. I need to start off with this affirming word because by the end of this post — and in the one to follow — I'm afraid I'm going to have to be rather harshly [Read More...]

Evangelicals and immigration

On the one hand, you've got your religious evangelicals. They're born-again Christians who go to church twice every Sunday, read their daily devotions, try not to say "geez" because that's almost just as bad as swearing, feel guilty that they haven't done more to witness to you because they genuinely don't want you to go [Read More...]

Defying gravity

I need help from people who know more than I do about science — in particular about gravity and what we do or don't know about how it works. What I'm trying to do is to find another angle for breaking through the protective shell that makes communication with "creationists" almost impossible. Some of my [Read More...]