NRA: Driving while Katz

When you’re writing an adventure story in which the hero is fleeing from Country A to Country B, it shouldn’t be too hard to keep track of which country is which. It should be even easier in a book like “Nicolae,” in which the entire world has been simplified down to only two countries. But never underestimate the ability of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins to get something wrong. [Read more...]

NRA: Jaime’s in Hell

We’re sad because we don’t want Jaime to be in Hell. He was a good guy. Every portrayal of him in this story was positive. He was loyal, faithful, reliable and brave. Those are good qualities and it seems wrong that someone who displayed such good qualities should be punished — punished absolutely with the same absolute punishment that awaits Nicolae and Stonagal and Fortunato and every other despicable villain in this story. [Read more...]

NRA: Feathering the throttle

As Chapter 11 ends, readers are treated to two pages of driving instructions followed by a full page of driving directions. We also encounter two unprecedented anomalies: Buck Williams expresses his gratitude, and Jerry Jenkins does a (very) little bit of research. [Read more...]

NRA: Escape from the land of persecution

The bigger problem here is Michael’s contention that “the witnesses predicted in the Scriptures” will be martyred by Israel, “where the real Messiah is hated.” That’s a big change from what the book of Revelation actually says, which is that these witnesses are themselves Israelites who will be martyred by the Beast/Babylon/empire. [Read more...]

Announcing the Left Behind cover and title contest

I’m doing some cutting and pasting and — ugh — Microsoft Word formatting, and I hope too soon have available, via Amazon, Volume 1 of a kinda sorta book-like version of the Left Behind series. This will need a title and a cover. And that’s where you come in. [Read more...]

NRA: Getting strong now

Prayer sessions seem to be these books’ version of the training montage in 1980s movies. These prayer scenes don’t have any of the key ingredients that every good training montage needs, but that doesn’t mean the authors aren’t trying to use these scenes in the same way. It just means that the authors aren’t any good at what they’re trying to do. [Read more...]

‘The Missing Christians’: Why are Rapture stories always so dull?

The 1952 Rapture movie “The Missing Christians” is bad. You probably guessed that, but you didn’t guess how very bad it actually is. It’s worse than you’re thinking. It’s worse than you’re thinking even if you’ve already accounted for the fact that it’s worse than you’re thinking. [Read more...]