NRA: Counting on a miracle


Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 209-214The tale of Buck and Tsion's thrilling escape is not hackwork. Hackwork would have been a great improvement over this.If Jerry Jenkins were merely a hack then he could have done what hacks do in situations like this, ripping off ideas from popular stories and relying on all the standard clich├ęs and stock tropes.Tsion Ben-Judah is a wanted man and Buck Williams has to help him escape his would be captors/killers and get safely across a … [Read more...]

NRA: Pulpit ‘humility’


Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 208-210This odd little scene doesn't mention God or "prophecy" or the Bible, prayer, church or any of the other signals of evangelical piety that regularly appear in these books. Yet it presents something so familiar to church-goers that we can all recognize, just from this brief passage, that we're reading a piece of Christian-brand fiction.We've discussed quite a bit how the dual protagonists of the Left Behind series are wish-fulfillment surrogates … [Read more...]

NRA: Cringe with those who cringe


Nicolae: Rise of the Antichrist; pp. 200-208Back in the second book of this series, Tribulation Force, readers were subjected to the scene of an "inner circle" prayer meeting in Pastor Bruce Barnes' office. Maybe you remember that scene. Or maybe you've suppressed that memory in the hopes that you'd never be forced to live through such extreme discomfort again.If the latter is true, you'll probably also want to skip these pages in Nicolae, because here again we encounter the same doubly … [Read more...]

NRA: Tsion and them that mourn

The Russians love their children too.

Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 195-200Buck Williams and his new friend are headed to Michael's hideout in Jordan the East Bank of Israel. That's where renegade rabbi Tsion Ben-Judah's followers hid him to keep him safe after black-hooded thugs murdered his wife and children. Shortly after they helped Tsion flee to safety, the ex-rabbi's chauffeur was killed by a car-bomb.This is all sloppy work on the part of the nefarious Jewish conspiracy out to get Tsion Ben-Judah. Their … [Read more...]

NRA: Israeli checkpoints


Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 195-196Ex-rabbi Tsion Ben-Judah is apparently the Most Wanted Criminal in all of Greater Israel. He's being hunted by quasi-governmental "zealots" who want him dead. These zealots already sent black-hooded "thugs" to murder Tsion's family and his former chauffeur, and the only reason he's still alive is due to the brilliant quick-thinking of his followers:"How are you able to elude the zealots?" Buck Williams asks his new friend Michael, who works as … [Read more...]

NRA: Anywhere I lay my head


Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pg. 203(I'm skipping ahead briefly here to deal with the first two sentences of the next chapter. Those sentences so perfectly encapsulate one aspect of these books that I have to talk about them first, just to clear my head of them before we deal with the rest of the story surrounding them here.)Buck Williams went to Israel to find his friend, the former rabbi Tsion Ben-Judah, who recently converted to fundamentalist Christianity. Tsion is now in hiding … [Read more...]

Les survivants de l’Apocalypse


(This comes from the fun discussion yesterday in comments.) The unusual events describes in this chronicle occurred in 20__ in Oran. The account of the first days needs giving in some detail. When leaving his surgery on the morning of April 16, Dr. Bernard Rieux felt something soft under his foot. It was a child's shoe, part of a whole outfit lying in the middle of the landing. On the spur of the moment he kicked it to one side and, without giving it a further thought, continued on his way … [Read more...]

NRA: Atlas shunned

If you're reading the Left Behind series, then you won't be needing this.

Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 195-199Buck Williams is in the Middle East. He has to get out of the Middle East, taking with him ex-Rabbi Tsion Ben-Judah, who is wanted by the Middle Eastern authorities. That's the plot of the next several chapters of Nicolae.Once Jordan riverboat captain Michael realizes that Buck is working for Team Tsion, he is finally able to tell him where they're really headed: "You know, we're not going all the way to Lake Tiberius.""We're not?" Buck … [Read more...]