NRA: The Restaurant at the End of the World


Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 165-166 In this scene, Jerry Jenkins achieves a vivid, palpable realism. The effect is brief, but it is powerful, visceral. Rayford and Hattie were welcomed expansively by the maitre d' of the Global Bistro. You, the reader, suddenly realize that you are about to be swept along, accompanying Rayford Steele and Hattie Durham for an entire meal. Your fight or flight instinct kicks in, your pulse quickens, your breathing becomes shallow and rapid. It … [Read more...]

NRA: Moses and ELIZA


Nicolae, The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 163-164 I apologize for an error in the most recent post in this series. I overestimated Buck Williams. I assumed when the last scene ended that Buck had finally understood the clumsy, obvious Bible Code spoken by the Two Witnesses in this story. Moishe and Eli had told him, repeatedly, that he would find his friend Tsion Ben-Judah in Galilee -- even repeating this message to Buck telepathically. (In Tim LaHaye's Bible prophecy world, Moses and Elijah … [Read more...]

NRA: Nudge, nudge, wink, wink

There's something vaguely familiar about that "Moishe" guy.

Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 156-161 Buck Williams is trying to reach former-rabbi Tsion Ben-Judah, but Ben-Judah is in hiding. So Buck turns for help to Moses and Elijah. Moses and Elijah are characters in this story. Moses Moses and Elijah Elijah. As in Mt.-Sinai, Ten-Commandments Moses and Mt.-Carmel, fiery-chariot Elijah. The very same. They've mysteriously come back to life and returned to Earth. And now they are both, like Tsion Ben-Judah, born-again … [Read more...]

NRA: A lesson for the ladies


Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 153-156 It's Hattie Durham's turn in the spotlight. Here in the middle of the third book of this series, the authors are taking time to reintroduce several of their peripheral characters, reviewing and revisiting their roles and histories in multi-page flashbacks. Hattie's Official Character Summary in these pages comes through the point-of-view of Rayford Steele, which echoes back to how we originally met her, through Rayford's eyes, in the opening … [Read more...]

NRA: Bored with Plank


Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pg. 153 Bad news, I'm afraid, for Steve Plank. You remember Steve? He used to be Buck Williams' best friend. For years, in fact, Steve was Buck's only friend. Buck lived alone in New York City, thousands of miles from his family. He had no friends from school, and most of his other colleagues at work viewed him with jealousy and resentment, so Steve was all he had. If Buck needed a ride to or from the airport, he called Steve. If Buck needed to talk to … [Read more...]

NRA: Throwing Chaim under the (hypothetical) bus


Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 148-151 Earlier this week, I was surprised to learn that the famously atheist magician Penn Jillette agrees with Jerry Jenkins about the moral obligation to proselytize aggressively. Terry Firma at Friendly Atheist shared this comment from Jillette: I’ve always said that I don’t respect people who don’t proselytize. I don’t respect that at all. If you believe that there’s a heaven and hell and people could be going to hell or not getting eternal … [Read more...]

NRA: Steppin’ Out With My Baby


Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 147-153 Rayford Steele is home alone in his apartment in New Babylon. For just a second, it seems as though he's about to have a real human emotion: Rayford thought he had had enough sleep, catching catnaps on his long journey. He had not figured the toll that tension and terror and disgust would exact on his mind and body. "Tension and terror and disgust" are surprisingly appropriate responses to what he has witnessed over the past 24 hours -- … [Read more...]

NRA: Chaim is one of my Jewish characters

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 6.17.07 PM

Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist; pp. 143-146 So far in this series we've encountered two named characters who are Jewish. We know they're Jewish because of the names the authors gave them: Chaim Rosenzweig and Tsion Ben-Judah. And because the authors have both men speak in what they say is a "charming Hebrew-accented dialect." And because the authors keep mentioning their Jewishness so aggressively that I'm reminded of that old anti-prejudice PSA from the 1970s: For those who can't … [Read more...]