L.B.: Explicit Content

Left Behind, pp. 101-104 I've previously joked about how the Left Behind series is "Pretrib Porno" because of its fetishistic appeal for followers of that kinky eschatology, And we've frequently noted how the characters' names — Buck, Steele, Dirk — seem drawn from the adult section of the local video store. But there's another sense, [Read More...]

L.B.: Apocalypse & Power

OK, so I'm headed out of town for a few days, causing a regrettable delay in this week's installment of Left Behind Fridays. Hope to have it up here by Saturday evening. Until then, here's a provocative little passage from David Dark on the subject of apocalyptic literature (from the introduction of what turns out [Read More...]

L.B.: Holy spirits

Left Behind, pp. 97-98 Chapter 6 of Left Behind begins with a promising sentence: It had been years since Rayford Steele had been drunk. It's about time that somebody reacted to the horrifying opening pages of this story with the wholly appropriate and reasonable (if not necessarily constructive) response of drinking himself into a stupor. [Read More...]

L.B.: Accidental honesty

Left Behind, pp. 92-96 Left Behind is filled with moments of accidental honesty in which L&J admit that the Christians aren't just "raptured," they're dead. We find two such passages in this section, first in Buck's phone conversation with Hattie Durham, and then again in his talk with the late Lucinda Washington's teenage son. Buck [Read More...]

L.B.: The Good Wife

Left Behind, pp. 89-96 Toward the end of Buck's long reverie in the airport men's room stall, he writes up a to-do list: Despite the incredible capablilities of his laptop, there was still no substitute for the pocket notebook. Buck scribbled a list of things to do before setting off again: Call Ken Ritz, charter [Read More...]

L.B.: Rule No. 4

Left Behind, pp. 89-96 The good news: Buck Williams is finally out of the men's room stall. The bad news: He spends the next five pages in a phone booth. Thanks to Long Story, Short Pier, I came across Kurt Vonnegut's "Eight rules for writing fiction." It's a good list, the value of which becomes [Read More...]

L.B.: Reciprocity

Left Behind, pp. 87-89 The last we saw of Hattie Durham she had just left Rayford's steely lap after their helicopter ride home to the Chicago suburbs. Hattie is the Pan Continental flight attendant who has been strung along by the older, married Rayford Steele. The book begins with a description of their non-affair affair: [Read More...]

L.B.: Not a conspiracy theory

Left Behind, pp. 80-87 Investigative reporter Buck Williams, we learn here, was headed to London to meet with his old college friend Dirk Burton. (For those keeping score at home, our list of male porn names thus far: Buck, Steele, Plank, Dirk.) Dirk is "a former Princeton classmate" of Buck's, "a Welshman who had been [Read More...]