L.B.: Nice people finish last

Left Behind, pp. 59-66 Over the next several pages we find something new in Left Behind — sympathetic characters. We meet three new people in these pages. None of them is particularly important and each serves mainly to move along the plot and to provide some helpful (and unsubtle) exposition. But LaHaye and Jenkins also [Read More...]

L.B.: 21 days

Left Behind is rife with continuity errors of a sort. Yet these inconsistencies are consistent in that most of them seem to involve the myopia of fundamentalist American Christianity — an ignorance or amnesia to any suffering or need that exists outside of the tiny protective bubble that surrounds our main characters. Hence a bored, [Read More...]

L.B.: Dr. Dives is bored

Left Behind, pg. 59 Buck Williams and the authors have been so busy checking his e-mail that they seem to have forgotten he has a gory wound on the back of his head from his odd and violent pratfall on the tarmac. He’d better see a doctor. Maybe we could just have one wander by: [Read More...]

L.B.: The Final Frontier

Left Behind, pp. 57-58 I’m not sure, but Steve Plank — the delusional and anti-Semitic executive editor of Global Weekly and Buck Williams’ boss — may get his name from Jesus’ parable/proverb, translated this way in the NIV: Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention [Read More...]

L.B.: Keep an eye on the Jews

Left Behind, pp. 54-57 Here the story switches back to Buck Williams, who is proud to have been “the first passenger from his flight to reach the terminal at O’Hare.” The others apparently didn’t realize it was a race. They were slowed by the steeplechase of human misery along the way, not realizing that the [Read More...]

L.B.: Scream 2 morality

Left Behind, pp. 50-53 Here we learn the sad fate of co-pilot Chris Smith. Ten pages earlier, Smith established himself as a villain by violating Rayford Steele’s odd notion of chivalry and accepting the airline’s offer of a bus ride back to the terminal. I noted earlier (see “Scream morality“) that: Left Behind has its [Read More...]

L.B.: Thank heaven for little girls

Left Behind, pp. 49-54 Right. So. Where were we? While trying to find some way home from the airport, Rayford Steele checks his mail and finds an in-joke between the book’s co-authors: Besides a pile of the usual junk, he found a padded envelope from his home address. Irene had taken to mailing him little [Read More...]

L.B.: There goes the neighborhood

Tim LaHaye responds to this Nick Kristof column with a letter to the editor in The New York Times: Comparing my book "Glorious Appearing" to "fundamentalist Islamic tracts" is a real stretch. The Islamic radicals who bomb the innocent are not nice people! Should Christ overlook their rebellion and welcome them into his kingdom? They [Read More...]