L.B.: Global Weekly I

Via Eric Alterman I see that the cover story of the May 24 Global Weekly Newsweek is a long profile of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins by David Gates. Gates does a good job in many ways, offering many insights into the Left Behind authors that the two men seem to have missed themselves. But [Read More...]

L.B.: Pagan Babies

Left Behind, pp. 46-48 Finally, 30 pages after the mass disappearances have occurred, Rayford Steele looks up at an airport television and the reader gets to see some scenes from the worldwide Rapture. From around the globe came wailing mothers, stoic families, reports of death and destruction. Dozens of stories included eyewitnesses who had seen [Read More...]


Via Atrios, we read Rick Perlstein's Village Voice report on a meeting between various White House staffers and representatives of the Apostolic Congress — a Pentecostal group that's pretty fringe-y and esoteric, even by Pentecostal standards. Perlstein correctly points out that this splinter-group of a splinter-group of Christians has some frightening notions of foreign policy [Read More...]

L.B.: Go to Hell

Left Behind, pp. 45-46 Untold millions are still untold Untold millions are outside the fold Who will tell them of Jesus’ love And the heav’nly mansions awaiting above? So our man Rayford Steele has finished his “emergency duty,” which consisted of walking to the terminal of O’Hare airport instead of accepting a ride. Confronted with [Read More...]

L.B.: Yesterday’s news

Left Behind, pg. 45 And but so anyway, Rayford Steele and LaHaye & Jenkins are moving along and so must we. Finally in the terminal, Rayford found crowds standing in lines behind banks of phones. Most had angry people waiting, yelling at callers who shrugged and redialed. Left Behind was written in 1995, before cell [Read More...]

L.B.: Inhumanly profamily

Left Behind, pg. 45 Rayford Steele and Hattie Durham make the long walk back to the terminal, carefully threading their way past the smoldering wrecks of various crashed planes. "All around were ambulances and other emergency vehicles trying to get to ugly wreckage scenes," LaHaye & Jenkins tell us. One pictures Rayford wheeling his little [Read More...]

L.B.: Carl Olson sits in

I’m not accustomed to being in total agreement with something posted at the National Review Online, but I have to offer a hearty “Amen” to Carl E. Olson’s devastating dismissal of Glorious Appearing, the latest book in Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ Left Behind series. Olson is an orthodox Catholic and the author of Will [Read More...]

L.B.: Scream morality

Left Behind, pp. 43-45 Rayford, Christopher and Hattie were the last three off the 747. Christopher, you may remember, was Rayford’s first officer on the flight. Up until now he’s played little part in the story beyond handling the controls while Rayford talked to Hattie and wandered the plane. But we’re about to learn that [Read More...]