L.B.: Inhumanly profamily

Left Behind, pg. 45 Rayford Steele and Hattie Durham make the long walk back to the terminal, carefully threading their way past the smoldering wrecks of various crashed planes. "All around were ambulances and other emergency vehicles trying to get to ugly wreckage scenes," LaHaye & Jenkins tell us. One pictures Rayford wheeling his little [Read More...]

L.B.: Carl Olson sits in

I’m not accustomed to being in total agreement with something posted at the National Review Online, but I have to offer a hearty “Amen” to Carl E. Olson’s devastating dismissal of Glorious Appearing, the latest book in Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ Left Behind series. Olson is an orthodox Catholic and the author of Will [Read More...]

L.B.: Scream morality

Left Behind, pp. 43-45 Rayford, Christopher and Hattie were the last three off the 747. Christopher, you may remember, was Rayford’s first officer on the flight. Up until now he’s played little part in the story beyond handling the controls while Rayford talked to Hattie and wandered the plane. But we’re about to learn that [Read More...]

L.B.: Buck deplanes

Left Behind, pp. 41-43 While we the readers were busy turning the page to the beginning of Chapter 3, Rayford Steele was making a risky and precarious landing on the narrow, smoke-filled runways of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. I’m sure it was terribly exciting, but LaHaye and Jenkins felt it was best not to let us [Read More...]

L.B.: The evil of banality

Left Behind, pp. 35-39 As our heroes prepare to touch down in the shattered, post-”rapture” world, they survey the damage, the consequences — so much loss, death, disaster and calamity — and they realize what this means: a logistical nightmare. That’s the theme of these pages, and a major theme of the next chunk of [Read More...]

L.B.: God took my copilot

Left Behind, pp. 34-35 Rayford Steele sat ashen faced in the cockpit. Half an hour from touchdown in Chicago, he had told the passengers everything he knew. The simultaneous disappearance of millions all over the globe had resulted in chaos far beyond imagination … So far beyond imagination that LaHaye and Jenkins scarcely even try [Read More...]

L.B.: Flirting with disaster

Left Behind, pp. 32-34 As the GIRAT, Buck Williams’ first priority when confronted with a mysterious disaster is to file a report to his editors. This is part of what separates Buck from the pack. Other, lesser reporters might busy themselves with taking notes, interviewing witnesses and gathering as many facts as possible. But, like [Read More...]

L.B.: Rayford “Mary Sue” Steele

The realm of “fan fiction” is one of the few places one can turn to reliably find prose as awful and implausible as the writing of Timothy LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. I have discovered, googling around, that there exists a sub-subculture of fanfic set in the apocalyptic world of L&J’s “Left Behind” series. This [Read More...]