NRA: Don’t smile for the camera

"Leon Fortunato instructed everyone on the plane when to get off and where to stand for the cameras when they finally reached New Babylon."

This is a pattern in these books. We’re told that Buck Williams is a master journalist, but since the authors couldn’t be bothered to learn what good journalism looks like, we’re shown that Buck is a clumsy hack (“like saying the Great Wall of China is long”). We’re told that Nicolae is a great orator, but since the authors couldn’t be bothered to learn what constitutes good oratory, we’re shown that Nicolae is a droning bore (“Afghanistan, Albania …”). [Read more...]

NRA: A responsive reading


Taken by itself, the beginning of Chapter 7 is almost bearable. Unfortunately, though, we can’t take this passage entirely by itself. Chapter 7 follows the previous six chapters, and those were pretty eventful — at least in terms of body count. [Read more...]

NRA: Mojo rising

A "literal" reading of the Bible never says that the Antichrist will have hypnotic super-powers. But then, of course, a literal reading of the Bible never mentions "the Antichrist."

It won’t help us to sort this out by skipping ahead to later volumes or to the prequels, where the authors imagine they settle this question. The story so far is too firmly committed to both answers for the contradiction to be resolved that way. Based on his actions and his agenda thus far, Nicolae has to know that he is the Antichrist. And based on his actions and his agenda thus far, Nicolae cannot know that he is the Antichrist. [Read more...]

NRA: Not of this world


I think this all flows out of the authors’ misunderstanding of the idea of “worldliness.” For them, to be “worldly” is to be evil. And thus to be good is to avoid “the world” — to shun it lest it’s contaminating contagion of “worldliness” infect them with its evil. [Read more...]

Tim LaHaye pans script for ‘Left Behind’ reboot


“It’s probably the worst script I’ve ever read,” Tim LaHaye said of the new “Left Behind” movie. “And I’ve read scores of them. … The plot line is nothing like the book. The only thing they retain are the names of the people, and maybe places,” LaHaye added. [Read more...]

NRA: Like there’s no tomorrow


This vast new pool of oil isn’t necessary in the world of this story. For Nicolae Carpathia, energy scarcity is no longer a problem. Time scarcity has replaced it. If the world has 30 years’ worth of oil left, but only five years’ worth of years left, then for all intents and purposes, the world now has an infinite supply of oil. [Read more...]

NRA: The Antichrist’s evil plan of evilness

Does TurboTax come with the new GNP-EZ form?

This whole world-without-children thing handicaps Nicolae Carpathia’s ability to supply the sort of horrific evil we expect from an Antichrist. He’s supposed to be the epitome of evil — surpassing the cruelty of all the monsters of history. But it’s hard to compete with guys like Genghis Khan or Joshua when there are no children available to put to the sword. So instead of murder and mayhem, Nicolae’s evil master plan mostly just involves taxation. [Read more...]

NRA: Can Nicolae handle this job?

This chart, from the authoritative "Bible prophecy" site, should be required reading for any would-be Antichrist. Nicolae Carpathia should have this thing memorized.

Nicolae Carpathia is stuck with a prophecy check list that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, so it would be unfair to blame him for pursuing the various quirky and irrational goals required by this assigned agenda. But even if we give him the benefit of the doubt on that score, when we hear Nicolae describe his grand schemes, I think we’re hearing an Antichrist who’s in over his head. He simply hasn’t done his homework. [Read more...]