Drowning in echo amid the stained glass towers

Most Americans don’t do things way before the deadline. Louisiana — where church isn’t boring. Flood stories and fairy stories. When are we gonna get a movie of “The Man Who Was Thursday”? A suggestion for “repeal and replace.” [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things

Brittney Cooper is not pleased with the call for her to simmer down and keep things polite and civil so that we can all just get along. Neither is Bruce Garrett and neither is Eric Waggoner. Robert Boston notes that, yes, they are coming for your birth control. [Read more...]

From their place on high to the dirty ground

Eric Reitan says reluctant bigotry doesn’t exempt us from responsibility for our choices. The War on Lent. Crash blossoms and whales from space. A reminder that Big Brother was a young-Earth creationist. Charity, injustice and an Amazon gift registry. A song request for Toby Keith. [Read more...]

What kind of story is this?

I’ve read quite a bit of speculation as to who it is who will ultimately “win” the Game of Thrones — who will finally claim the Iron Throne. That prize has so far been won mainly by those who thought it was the Most Important Thing, which tends to be true of imperial thrones and the people who manage to sit on them. But it seems to me that Martin knows better. I don’t think he believes that prize is the Most Important Thing and I don’t think he’s telling us the kind of story in which it represents the ultimate reward. [Read more...]

I know what I want, I know what I need

“Equality, Innovation, Honesty and Advancement are all words we choose from a list.” Rep. Randy Weber is working hard to put Texas’ 14th Congressional District under water. The creepy, creepy men who run a Virginia Christian school. Bryan Fischer doesn’t seem to have ever seen “Modern Family.” An odd measure of progress. A reminder that progress is never “inevitable.” A lovely example of what progress looks like. [Read more...]

Sunday favorites

“Truly I tell you, the tax-collectors and the prostitutes are going into the kingdom of God ahead of you.” [Read more...]

There is no such thing as ‘holiness’ apart from love

I am elliptically grateful to Scot McKnight for helping to clarify what I find so bewildering in some of my fellow Christians. It is this notion that God’s love must be “balanced” somehow against God’s holiness. Holiness is thus perpetually invoked as a “yes, but …” qualifier, setting a boundary on love — on God’s love and our own. Holiness, we are constantly being told, sets limits on love. [Read more...]