Would-be believers beat plowshares to spears


Some Friday links caked in a crusty pink lotion, including: The Founding Fathers on Facebook; everyone doesn’t have to do everything; James Earl Jones as Lionel Barrymore; Father Play-by-Play; and more good news for ALS fundraisers. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (8.28)

Rebecca Mead profiles Mary Beard, “The Troll Slayer.” A rabbi and an imam on Gaza. Caroline Schleier Cutler on a story so important the Bible includes it three times. Stephen Eric Bronner on “The Bigot.” And Robin McKie on the slow, inevitable doom of Miami. [Read more...]

Night falls, Mr. Moonlight


Do you know what day it is? Come on, say it … it’s link-day. Why Ken Ham is worse than Harold Camping. Monopolists who denounce competition as “socialism.” Plus @KilljoyProphets, 19th-century creationists, and how churches are like the Baltimore Police Department from “The Wire.” [Read more...]

We went out in the dark and came back again


Conan and Groo, Mark Driscoll and Mel Gibson, movies and reality, ages and names, constitutions and conservatives, Wheaton students and Wheaton administrators. [Read more...]

So let the judgment fall on me


So, OK, I missed the Emmys — did Tatiana Maslany win for lead actress or supporting actress? Or both? (Plus some other links and stuff.) [Read more...]

Ice-buckets, IVF and mass-murderers

One of these things is not like the other.

If you accept the anti-abortion premise and the anti-abortion logic of the Catholic hierarchy’s opposition to the ice-bucket challenge, then you must also believe that IVF fertility clinics are slaughterhouses far worse than any abortion clinic. You must also believe that couples who have used IVF treatments to have children are also morally repugnant killers complicit in mass murder. [Read more...]

Sunday favorites

“Anyone who claims to know something does not yet have the necessary knowledge; but anyone who loves God is known by him.” [Read more...]

There’s a kingdom of love waiting to be reclaimed


Springsteen on The Road, plus a bunch of strange and wonderful things for a Friday morning. [Read more...]