People think better when they don’t have a gun to their head


The odd Hulk out, misandrist hymns, and Just-so Stories about snakes and zebras. Plus: Bryan Fischer says he is not a monotheist, and the one thing about which the religious right is not completely wrong. [Read more...]

Sing out loud, sing out strong

Willy Wonka beats a homophobic street preacher any day. You can do this, too (hitch kick optional).

You don’t even have to be able to carry a tune, just step up, free your inner Biz Markie, and get things started. The moment doesn’t have to be beautiful in a technical, artistic sense. It just has to be fun. That’s all the “message” that this needs to convey. It reminds us that fun is an option. Fun is possible. And it’s stronger than hate because it’s truer than hate. [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 16: ‘A fool’s hope’


“We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come,” the creed says, but Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins and the rest of the Christians caught up in the Rapture cult don’t want to die, so they’re holding out for a loophole. They look for the resurrection of the living. [Read more...]

Sell a mirage and the hordes come running


Tough competition at the Razzies this year — can’t everybody lose? Awful people do an awful thing at an awful church in Colorado. “Erotic Liberty” still giggle-inducing as a right-wing buzzword. An academic analysis of disposition theory as a tool for understanding the sociopolitical impact of an unfunny, racist puppet. [Read more...]

No one imagines it will come to this


Let me apologize for missing today’s Left Behind post, and for the following, wherein I use the words “erotic” and “Al Mohler” in the same sentence. Some things I like: “Agent Carter,” Dianna E. Anderson’s new book, graupel. Plus, what historical movies and biopics can teach us about reading the Bible. [Read more...]

Show me the one lost in the stars


What war and peacemaking have in common. A strong, smart, sensual woman. Some “essential oils” smell pretty, but please don’t expect them to do more than smell pretty. The pastor who bragged about assaulting a child at his church was probably lying. [Read more...]

Sunday WTF?

“On the way, at a place where they spent the night, the Lord met Moses and tried to kill him.” [Read more...]

Beyond these bars there are things you can’t see


K-cups are a menace. From his bunker in the mountains of Colorado, Steve Carlton has no comment on Curt Schilling’s theory that right-wing conspiracy talk bars one from the Hall of Fame. A long list of nights in which it will be cloudy in Chester County. And RIP to Andrae Crouch. [Read more...]