ISO comments on comments

I’m still learning to drive the new car here in WordPress/disqus land, and there’s more flexibility to it than I’ve yet learned to navigate. So consider this an open thread on comments and the comment system here. What’s good/better with the comment system and structure? What’s bad/not working? I don’t want to lose any voices [Read More...]

Wendell Berry, Friday music game

Couple new items up on the new site: "Honoring the Mad Farmer" and "The Gate to the Genius Next Door" [Read more...]

Honoring the Mad Farmer

That picture there (by AP photographer Charles Dharapak) shows President Barack Obama presenting Wendell Berry with a 2010 National Humanities Medal on Wednesday at the White House. Wendell Berry scares me. He is a poet, novelist, essayist, farmer, husband, conservationist, radical and gentleman. He writes with an unrivaled clarity of language, clarity of thought and [Read More...]

Supreme Court strikes down key argument of same-sex marriage foes

I have two envelopes. The first is labeled, “To an Honest Man Who Argued in Good Faith and Was Truly Afraid.” The second is labeled, “To a Dishonest Man Who Has Been Lying Deliberately and Who Will Say Anything in Pursuit of Power.” I am not sure if I will need to use the first [Read More...]

New post up at new site

"Supreme Court strikes down key argument of same-sex marriage foes" [Read more...]

Should I not be concerned?

Or we could look at it this way. What we’re really talking about here in our dispute with Team Hell isn’t just “What about Gandhi?” — it’s also “What about Ninevah?” Scores of evangelical pastors and authors have condemned Rob Bell for asking “Will billions and billions of people burn forever in Hell?” and for [Read More...]

The epistemology of Team Hell

What I particularly like about that Rob Bell video that caused all the ruckus this weekend is the way Bell grounds his discussion in the character of God. “What is God like?” Bell asks. Not, mind you, “What does God like?” or, worse, “Who does God like?” but “What is God like?” What do we [Read More...]

Team Hell gets loud

The evangelical blog world seems all atwitter over a forthcoming book by Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Mich. The book’s title, “Love Wins,” is apparently regarded by many American evangelicals as an astonishingly heretical and controversial claim. Love wins? How dare anyone suggest such a thing? Even more controversial [Read More...]